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MOLT open mic

Tunnel hosted its second open mic event at SPACE Art Center, to hold space for one another’s experiences and explore the “molting” nature of transitions. Somi Speaks: This is the third and most likely the last open mic event I’ve helped organize for high school students. Thank you forever to SPACE for hosting the open mic, providing an outlet for young voices, soliciting free pizza for the event (!!!), funding the printing of the zine, and everything else that you do for the arts community. Thank you forever to every person who stood up and shared their work and let us take a peek into your personal space. It was such a special night for me and I always feel so privileged to bear secondhand witness to your experiences and words. Also, a brief apology for my nervous energy leading up to the event: I’m working on being a more relaxed host. The Zine The Crowd

Poetry Lounge 2015

On December 11, 2015, Tunnel held a Poetry Lounge at SPACE Arts Center (1506 Mission Street). The idea of the event was to create an environment where people could hold space for each other; where we could listen to each other’s words with acceptance above all. No matter what you look or talk or act like, the Poetry Lounge was supposed to be a safe space to connect with people through the intimate language of poetry. Tunnel designed a zine for the event, featuring student artwork and writing from every person on the Poetry Lounge program.