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Pieces of Pazia

Embroidery by Pazia Bermudez-Silverman Words by Somi Jun Pazia Bermudez-Silverman clutches a silver hoop in her teeth, as she growls bitch, no! at a driver who is threatening to take her parking spot. She sidles her Prius next to the curb in a moment of triumph, removing the hoop (an earring, dislocated in the heat of the moment) from her teeth and ushering us out, out of the car. Over dinner, the four of us talk about the booger on Ted Cruz’s lip during the GOP Debate, the game-changing fifth book of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the life of Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Pazia’s lifestyle, which includes her fashion as well as her artwork, connects the high (political awareness, the avant garde, literary giants) and more common ground (pop culture, road rage, Pikachu accessories galore), showing how there is no meaningful difference between the two in so many modern mediums. Food-for-thought: Zapatistas, especially Zapatista women, use embroidery to document and partially subsidize the movement.  legacy of embroidery across cultures, from European to Mayan and beyond …

subtleorange: Mira Pusateri

Words and photos by Mira Pusateri. I’m Mira Pusateri. I’m 17 years-old and I’m a 3rd year phtotgraphy student at South Pasadena High School. I love all kinds of phtography, but I specialize in studio portraiture. I do photography purely for fun. I plan on studying Horticulture in college, but I’m definetly going to take a class in photography if I can. I love studio portraiture. I love how much control I have over the image. For me its not just about the model or backround, but the lighting and composition of the photo. I put a lot of thought into the lighting of my photos, and during a shoot I’m constntly moving and ajusting the lights for the shot. I have been shooting film and printing in the darkroom since sophmore year, and it has been my favorite medium. I love to do my own prints because it lets me to make the image exactly as I want it. My photography teacher Mike Hogan has taught me the basics of photography aswell as let me expand …


grid – a framework of spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other; a grating. grid – plexus, bait, circumvention, cobwebbery, Covin, grid Portraits of Hana Tyszka by Dashel Murawski. “used a projector got some cool grids put them in photoshop 2 distort them a bit and line them up with hana. there u go!” – dashel