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CLARE: an exposure

RENE SPEAKS: “I’ve been making music for about two years. I’ve always wondered if you make better work when you’re feeling stronger emotions. I’ve always wondered that. You know, stuff I’ve made mid anxiety attack, stuff I’ve made on real depressed days, and stuff I’ve made on days when I’m completely fine and I’ve kind of learned that your creativity as an individual is above that.

MUSIC HIVE: Miles Knight + HOT by groundfloor

Welcome to a special edition of the staff HIVE, where Tunnel staff each profiled a local musician or music event. Included in this HIVE: – An interview with yung fresh rocker Miles Knight + a lil’ music sample – An overview of HOT, a mysterious music event hosted by Groundfloor, featuring 10 different artists at the edge of DTLA Miles Knight by Amelia Anthony Miles Knight talks genres, software, and collaborations. Quick facts about Miles: plays snare in high school drumline 15+ finished songs (“I never really cared too much for completing songs until a year ago”) has been writing music as long as he can remember Lil’ SAMPLE: What genres do you listen to, and which do you like to produce? I listen to almost everything from rock, jazz, electro, to classical. I mainly produce alternative, electronic, and rock. What instruments do you play? I play the drums, guitar, and bass. What instruments and software were used to produce this piece? The song titled “Demo”, is a song written by me, I play everything on …