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A Complete Eric Anaya

Artwork by Eric Anaya Profile by Amelia Anthony I recently witnessed Eric weave straightfaced through a busy Saturday night in Little Tokyo, holding up a fresh pastel drawing of an alien (see below). People reacted as they always do: some laughed, smiled a bit cautiously, gave him a blank stare, veered away. He was unfazed and continued his way to The Smell, flashing his sketchbook to passerby. It was a fascinating not-quite-social experiment, and a most quintessential Eric Anaya move. He can be characterized by a single earring, a possibly-sly grin, and seemingly boundless charm. Despite an endearing ego, Eric is never be boring to be around; he is rarely in a bad mood and is always bleeding ideas. He calls himself a “progressive,” not in the political sense, but in the way he’s always on the go, antsy, hyperactive. A recent epiphany left him with a careful grasp on the universe and a knowledge of exactly what he wants to do with the rest of his life: make music and kiss cute girls. Eric …

Colorful Day

TEI SPEAKS: ” thank you so much for lending your eyes to my pictures for a few moments of your wonderful colorful day i hope some of these things may have caused you to think fun or weird thoughts and i would love to listen to you in any way that you may want to share things you want to share at any time!!” Tei Park is an A1 hooman bean and one of Tunnel’s rolling artists. You can check out more of her work here, and find out more about our rolling artists/becoming a rolling artist here.


  RAIN by Alice Xu The sun burns cold in October & the cloth curved between my thighs catches rain. Beneath my palm: Rosalie’s cross. Bible once beneath. My body, spread out on sapped autumn oak. The cusp of middle-aged rust, rusting like last year’s sycamore leaves. I dream of Louis rubbing his neck & churchyards emptying their stomachs as the sun waits for a funeral.     ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alice Xu is a high school senior who adores Jane Austen and her novels. She currently serves as a Co-Editor in Chief for her high school’s literary magazine, a Genre Editor for Polyphony H.S., and an Editorial Intern for The Blueshift Journal. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Textploit, Phosphene Literary Journal, The Riveter Review, and elsewhere. Photographs by Hana Tyszka Illustration by Eric Anaya

Frame the mundane: Eric Anaya

ERIC SPEAKS: “I didn’t seeing photos in a serious light until I was in High School. The thing I love the most about photos is the simplicity to making a beautiful image. An absolutely lovely photo can be taken as quick as a second, capturing the entire scene, a feeling, an energy, or even an aesthetic. It could be anything too! A boy picking his nose on his father’s shoulders, a haggard man’s shadow pursuing a bank’s granite wall. Even a freckled woman eating a bowl of chow mein. Honestly.  If you can frame the mundane to look interesting or eye-taking, that’s something that should really be appreciated.” “I’ve always enjoyed illustrating, before it was just a lot of doodles and sheet paper drawings. I used to go into things with a plan. I knew what I wanted to draw and was upset when it didn’t come out how I liked to. It was only until just a couple of days ago, when me and a couple of friends settled in Berkeley for some days. It was …

Jaundice, A Jaunt, Jaune: John

ABOUT JOHN:  “I’m a 20 old year art student from Colombia. I live in Bogota and my favorite color is yellow. Every time my grandma stares at my face, she says I’m yellow and my name tells it too. John, as people know me, is Jaune in french , and in spite of not having a relation with french stuff , Jaune means:  John and Yellow at the same time, so I use it as my nickname . Artworks themselves are already too revealing for also having your real name into exposure.” John Celis, 2015. Mixed media. JOHN SPEAKS*: “My work is just composed of drawings, because even though sometimes I use paint , I just keep in mind that I should be drawing. Aside from other things, like showing skills or concepts, I want my work to be honest about who I am and with how I think , and for me drawing is the media where I can achieve that . This is because drawing is immediate, there’s no time for any lies in …

Benni Quintero: reworked from birth

by Amelia Anthony Curator Benni Quintero is a 17 year old artist in the 12th grade at Mira Costa High School. I am a well disguised pervert who doesn’t have a singular art “thing”. I’m not even sure if I’m an art person singularly, or even a person at that. I think the Marx Brothers are great. Those are the important facts. SCULPTURES Jazz Cat: This is Jazz Cat. He’s a tall, jivin’ madman. The Two Fridas: I recreated a Frida Kahlo Painting as a sculpture. I couldn’t recreate the second face. I tore it off and stuck it onto that paintbrush and just oozed wax on her head. Why? Officially, it’s to symbolize Diego’s recreation of Frida, basically painting her in his own and disconnecting her from her past self. The wax is his paint. Their hands and arms aren’t sculpted in clay. Not because I gave up and thought it looked really cool as it was, no, no, no! It’s obviously because at their core, Frida pre- and post- Diego were the same, …

supriy sharma

Colorful, textural mixed media from Supriy Sharma. About Supriy Sharma: He is an artist from Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. He graduated in 2008 from Rajasthan School of Art in Jaipur and attended graduate school at the same college. He is currently doing freelance work in Baroda, Gujarat and has participated in many group, pair, and solo shows. Thank you, Supriy! ❤

Macaroni // by Sophia Williamson

An update on Tunnel artist Sophia Williamson, JR in high school, preparing for her AP Studio Art Portfolio. Six pieces made of macaroni, paper cutouts, Copic marker, etc. Love you Sophia, best of luck with your portfolio ❤ Other work by Sophia:

Ryota Matsumoto’s hybrid architecture

RYOTA SPEAKS ON HIS ARTWORK: The artworks of Ryota Matsumoto develop and demonstrate the hybrid/multi-layered process, where varying scale, juxtaposition of different forms, intertwined textures/tones are applied to reflect the spatio-temporal conditions of our ever-evolving urban, natural, and ecological environments. They are created to act as the catalyst for defining speculative changes in our notions of cities, societies and cultures. His drawings explore a hybrid drawing technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, and graphite) and digital media (algorithmic processing, scripting and image compositing with custom software ). All the lines, curves and forms are created by algorithmic and generative processes. Then they are redefined and reconfigured with traditional painting/drawing techniques that add colors, textures and details to compositions. About Ryota: Ryota Matsumoto is a principal of an award-winning design office, Ryota Matsumoto Studio based in Tokyo. He is an artist, designer and urban planner. Born in 1972, Ryota was raised in  Hong Kong and Japan. He received Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania in 2007 after studying at Architectural Association in London and Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow …


Tei Park maps the human body in a mixture of mediums, including thread, magazine cutouts, muslin fabric, and gauche. TEI ON HER WORK: No idea where this sudden urge to draw body structures came from, I don’t do Grey’s Anatomy or Bones or House or TLC’s Untold Stories of the ER, no interest in surgeries and absolutely can’t handle blood, but these organs are simply the most fascinating things I can think at the moment. Can you believe all these things inside you are working and moving all the time?!?!?!? I drew a few that I liked, and might expand this into something big, but right now my images don’t really come close to what envisioned because they’re just parts and they’re so flat. Like maps!