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burn after reading: the beginning of a book i hope to complete

Words and photos by Angel Fabre felix’s poem
the anger in one’s soul will soon prove to no longer have meaning the urge for violence will soon take over
and all that will be left is
the blood of the innocent and not so innocent soon the world will be faced with the world’s blood on the world’s hands
nobody’s sins will be forgiven
suppose we are all condemned?
monday until you are comfortable with being alone
you will never know if
you’re choosing someone
out of love or loneliness.

Stevia sweet, sweater weather

Poetry and photos by Somi Jun Are we as outta here as those blue nights, when I looked down and saw my street, lit yellow in a haze. As the night I couldn’t sleep in your bed, woke at 4am and sobbed to the sound of amen. As the half hour I shaved and saw the V of my thighs in the mirror. As Friday night boogie right. As the fall of her toes from the trapeze. As his Christmas gift and I see now I am grown without a witness. As the last rite of Mercerism, that damned two-way street. As outta here as dead road, a one-way train through the suburb.     Eye One 15 hours under the weight of glass, my  feet curved into the side of a self-proclaimed anarchist. I fell asleep to speech of Burning pigs and bitching chicks and a baking planet’s Wrath, old as fenced animals. His throat warbles Through a plea to the nuclear family’s dog. They sing: Food before bombs. My last night in Los Angeles, …


Words and film by Angel Fabre Your eyes are a continuous shot constantly rolling through the events you may see. But your mind is so closely connected to your eyes, so images and thoughts and sounds flicker between the feature presentations of your everyday routine. Your views are sometimes too disoriented, too bright, too blurry. Sometimes you have to squint at the things that are too small and step back to gaze at the things that are too tall. Nobody may notice that you were there, but you were there. You are not a ghost.   Speaking with Angel: Why “YOU ARE NOT A GHOST” as the title? Well, when I go out into the world I sometimes feel transparent and I believe others my age can relate to this as well. I feel that I’m invisible and not really there even when I am with friends and family. When I was in the process of making this short film, I was really stuck in that mindset so the title reflects how I was feeling. …

Sunsets / Trio

Photos by Hana Tyszka. Photo grid documenting BLVC SVND (Naiser Mckay), Lez Majesty (Samuel Hoadley-Brill), and Roy (Roy Mabie). In commemoration of Roy’s new EP “Sunsets.” “Pretty Faces,” a collaboration between BLVC SVND, Lez Majesty, and Roy:

Janelane and the rise of the DIY band

By Somi Jun All photos courtesy of Janelane. The first time I interviewed Sophie Negrini about Janelane, the power pop band’s lineup had just solidified: Negrini on vocals and guitar, Alex Hardy on bass, Jake Levy as lead guitarist, and Lucas Cereijido on drums. As a result, Janelane’s  SoundCloud featured demos and live recordings, and the group had never performed a live show. 10 months later, Janelane’s body of work has grown to include its Peaches and Cream EP and cassette, 12 live shows, and tentative plans for an album release by the end of the year. Janelane has also become a bragging point for its hometown of South Pasadena, and integrated into a network of DIY music, populated by independent musicians and distributors. And it all started with bedroom recordings and free apps. Janelane’s homegrown sound perfectly captures the nostalgic, aching tones of adolescence and distant love. The lyrics are powered by a female experience, but remain accessible to any number of genders, age groups, or backgrounds. The band achieves this delicate mix of languor …