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burn after reading: the beginning of a book i hope to complete

Words and photos by Angel Fabre felix’s poem
the anger in one’s soul will soon prove to no longer have meaning the urge for violence will soon take over
and all that will be left is
the blood of the innocent and not so innocent soon the world will be faced with the world’s blood on the world’s hands
nobody’s sins will be forgiven
suppose we are all condemned?
monday until you are comfortable with being alone
you will never know if
you’re choosing someone
out of love or loneliness.


BRADEN SPEAKS: Personally, I don’t understand how people live without figure drawing. In my humble opinion there is nothing more interesting and stimulating than drawing another human being. ABOUT BRADEN: Born and raised in Los Angeles. Preparing to migrate to New York City to attend the Cooper Union.

Colorful Day

TEI SPEAKS: ” thank you so much for lending your eyes to my pictures for a few moments of your wonderful colorful day i hope some of these things may have caused you to think fun or weird thoughts and i would love to listen to you in any way that you may want to share things you want to share at any time!!” Tei Park is an A1 hooman bean and one of Tunnel’s rolling artists. You can check out more of her work here, and find out more about our rolling artists/becoming a rolling artist here.

Girls / Between the Lines

A collection of writing and photographs found in Iowa City, the UNESCO city of literature.  Included are works from New Jersey and Nebraska in the USA, as well as from Oman, on the Arabian Peninsula, and Moscow, Russia. These writers met through an international program at the University of Iowa; these photographs were found in a local antique shop. Look between the lines and ask for whom is woman? for whom is love? Poetry by Deryn Mierlak Montclair, New Jersey LOVE IN THE TIME OF HEINEKEN the dolls tell you first you see their expressions lost in the cold paper of porcelain as he buoys his lips against green valleys of glass in the spaces between sunlight there is one little one, with golden reams of wheat-beer curls who whispers he’s at it again and you laugh her off, but trapped in the painted planetary pull of those lifeless eyes you see him, played back from twelve hours ago set in the crystalline chrysalis world of self-hatred then there are the siamese twins with horsehair pigtails, …

MUSIC HIVE: Miles Knight + HOT by groundfloor

Welcome to a special edition of the staff HIVE, where Tunnel staff each profiled a local musician or music event. Included in this HIVE: – An interview with yung fresh rocker Miles Knight + a lil’ music sample – An overview of HOT, a mysterious music event hosted by Groundfloor, featuring 10 different artists at the edge of DTLA Miles Knight by Amelia Anthony Miles Knight talks genres, software, and collaborations. Quick facts about Miles: plays snare in high school drumline 15+ finished songs (“I never really cared too much for completing songs until a year ago”) has been writing music as long as he can remember Lil’ SAMPLE: What genres do you listen to, and which do you like to produce? I listen to almost everything from rock, jazz, electro, to classical. I mainly produce alternative, electronic, and rock. What instruments do you play? I play the drums, guitar, and bass. What instruments and software were used to produce this piece? The song titled “Demo”, is a song written by me, I play everything on …

ID Chamber by Minu Jun

Minu Jun’s latest film, ID Chamber. Commentary from sister Somi Jun: Minu asked me to write this commentary, maybe to give an outside perspective on what the film is about, or maybe because he has done several Tunnel pieces before and was not down for another interview (see more of Minu’s work here: Minu on Tunnel) I watched Minu work on this film for over 3 months. He spent about $300 producing it, a remarkably small sum for a 9 minute film, but relatively high compared to Minu’s other works. He creates unforgettable films that are fleshy, colorful, disgusting, beautiful, visceral, from a budget of almost nothing, because he makes it all himself. The masks, the giant genitalia, the corn syrup blood, the robe of dismembered stuffed animals– Minu spent late nights and weekends making it all by hand. It’s not always easy to live with, and it’s never easy to work with (especially for the actors), but somehow, he pulls all these pieces together to create something crazy like ID Chamber. And when this happens (it almost always does), part of me …

adolescent fragments // poetry by M.L.

Pin Ball Machine: Bursting through the door Freezing and frigid Yanking off a red cotton coat Nothing distinct Blood boiling, livid All was a whirlwind People and places and other nouns Confused with each new house With each move, they’ve decreased in size Jobs and salaries lower But the costs of living rise I can hear the drums drumming at night The metronome counting off Each tick and tock One after the other, A steady tenor The train racing by Cutting through the night Like glass A father’s footsteps tap Against the creaking wood floor An insatiable hunger he has for more Stumbling, Mumbling, disoriented He pulls at the lamps Her room floods-too bright Her eyes flicker open Then shut quickly, Tight Making sure to squeeze out all the light Frog punch bowl: Lying in my own history There lies little honesty Always in between fights Always awake amid the night Fists and words fly through the air Shrapnel wreaking havoc everywhere Women sift through grocery aisles Like they do the flour In the meals …