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Fruits of life: ode to 2015

Words and photographs by Nathaniel Stephens – The year of 2015 (although not over) was quite the experience for me. Filled with times of maturing, meeting new people, loving, punk shows, birthday parties, lit weekends, photo-shoots, op houses, big bear, dating, family, school friends, stress, bands, insecurities, gateway drugs, & too many cigarettes. 2015 taught me to embrace myself, so I wrote an ode for it. – An Ode to 2015 Days have never been spent in such pleasure. I never fathomed such type of leisure. For I never knew what the fruits of life could offer. To be young, lively & curious? What else could life possibly proffer? –   Nathaniel Stephens is part of Tunnel’s list of artists in residency. To follow Tunnel’s integral theme of development + change over time, we regularly feature this list of artists, so we can see how they develop/change over time. See more of Nathaniel’s work on Tunnel here.