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Sunsets / Trio

Photos by Hana Tyszka. Photo grid documenting BLVC SVND (Naiser Mckay), Lez Majesty (Samuel Hoadley-Brill), and Roy (Roy Mabie). In commemoration of Roy’s new EP “Sunsets.” “Pretty Faces,” a collaboration between BLVC SVND, Lez Majesty, and Roy:

Timmy Gibbons – Circus & Anatomy

By Katie Carson Managing Editor Timmy Gibbons is a student from Belfast, who is about to start Foundation Art and Design in Central Saint Martins, London in September. The work shown is from his A-Level Coursework. CIRCUS I have always been interested in the performing arts, having attended drama classes and been acting from a young age. But more importantly, I have always had a fascination with the Circus – the performers, the costumes and everything about it. I remember going to the local Tom Duffy’s Circus when I was very young and being mesmerised by the atmosphere and production. More recently, I have attended the more modern and advanced Cirque du Soleil productions, Quidam and La Nouba. The stages, atmosphere and the characters provided inspiration for me, and this is one of my reasons for choosing the circus as my theme. I would also say that Tod Browning’s 1932 film ‘Freaks’, a film which I have been a fan of for many years, provided some visual inspiration for my project. I stepped out of …

the STAFF hive #2: “fast write with many grammatical errors”

Welcome to the second edition of the STAFF hive, where Tunnel STAFF members share their ideas/weeks/vibes/earworms/thoughts/images with you, so we can all get to know each other a little better. We hope you enjoy. Think of it as our long-distance love letter to you. Minu Jun: A fast write with many grammatical errors The Italians know how to do cinema, so do the French but I don’t know sometimes I feel the French speak too much. I love Cleo, Cache, and Vivre Sa Vie but something about them, except Cleo, leave me a little cold. They’re too Proust for my Patterson. Especially Godard. I should watch more of his works but out of the three I have seen: Masculin Feminin, Vivre Sa Vie, and A Woman is a Woman, I just couldn’t help thinking “Now let’s see you walk the walk.” I always feel emotionally a little unsatisfied. Even their more trashier offerings like Rollin are never as much fun as Bava or Argento. Although I loved Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Demy isn’t trashy, I haven’t …

“Vulnerability” by Suki Sekula

I tend to photograph small gestures or intimacies that represent a connection between people and I take this habit into my self portraiture by photographing the relationship I have with myself. This series, which I like to call Vulnerability, is the exploration of trying to conceal one’s self from whatever chaos the world may bring about. It’s about innocence and youth and clinging onto the familiarity. I try to connect my work to something greater than myself and reveal small bits of truth in this world from what I observe in my surroundings.  While the series is about trying to hide in some respects, it is also about facing the unknown. Vulnerability is courage, and that is something I try to convey through my photography.