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Muted Lavender

Words and Photo by A.A. Reinecke  The sucked dry half of a lemon stood atop a saucer, posing as an inverted rose. The other half was raised to the lips of a brunette. Outside, through the window, the yard was snowed; the oaks sat proud in their age, the previous day’s snowman lounged beside the hedges. Town’s outline—pointed roofs and chimney smoke—was visible from the whited lawn. Beyond the waltzing smell of fire was the Hudson spread at the foot of town, deep gray polished like glass with the weather. Speckled lights of steamers hummed down the way and a fearless sail boat inched along the shoreline. Emmeline and Ryan Corrigan, the former the brunette sucking the lemon rose, stood in the front foyer of a very clean, large, white house, which out front bore the revival columns of Rome set down in New England. The girls were a panoply of browns and grays in cashmere stockings, pullovers, wool coats. Ryan tugged at her corduroy skirt and then at her hair. “Know Ryan saw them,” …

Sarah Hunter’s Tits & Other Bits

Sarah Hunter, 20-year-old illustrator based in Brighton, UK is an incredible example of a woman who is all about body appreciation. Her series ‘Tits & Other Bits’ exemplifies the notion that not all women have the “perfect” bodies. Sarah describes her work as simple, yet effective. Her illustrations humorously take on real life situations and personal experiences, basing a lot of it on the fact that “you cannot take life at face value as it can get very depressing, so why not spice it up a bit.” Hunter is currently working on a cartoon series of the times things “didn’t quite go according to plan”. “I try to produce work I would enjoy or find funny, I am that person who laughs (to myself) when I do a funny drawing…” When Hunter creates her illustrations she tends to start with simple drawings, then scanning to manipulate them on Photoshop. Of her materials, Sarah says “even though I enjoy using paint, I prefer my illustrations to be clean cut which is quite hard to do with that particular medium.”   Although, …

Colorful Day

TEI SPEAKS: ” thank you so much for lending your eyes to my pictures for a few moments of your wonderful colorful day i hope some of these things may have caused you to think fun or weird thoughts and i would love to listen to you in any way that you may want to share things you want to share at any time!!” Tei Park is an A1 hooman bean and one of Tunnel’s rolling artists. You can check out more of her work here, and find out more about our rolling artists/becoming a rolling artist here.