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BRADEN SPEAKS: Personally, I don’t understand how people live without figure drawing. In my humble opinion there is nothing more interesting and stimulating than drawing another human being. ABOUT BRADEN: Born and raised in Los Angeles. Preparing to migrate to New York City to attend the Cooper Union.

AH/LEE/SEE/UH : form

Alicia Marulanda is a 23 year old artist and designer from Montreal, Quebec. She graduated in 2012 in Illustration and Design from Dawson College. ALICIA SPEAKS: “While more recently I’ve found my niche doing mostly graphic and apparel design, I’ve been an artist my whole life and the process of creating comes very naturally to me. Drawing is something that I’ve always found so much joy in, especially when I was younger and much more shy. It was difficult for me to make friends, express myself, and share what I was feeling, so as I grew up art and design became a way for me to communicate. My characters are liberated and unapologetically themselves. They allow me to personify my emotions and create artwork that people have come to empathize with. I’ve also stripped down my style of art quite a bit over the years and try to say as much as possible with the most simple and sensual lines. I am always trying to find a way back to the ‘bare bones’ of what makes a …

Colorful Day

TEI SPEAKS: ” thank you so much for lending your eyes to my pictures for a few moments of your wonderful colorful day i hope some of these things may have caused you to think fun or weird thoughts and i would love to listen to you in any way that you may want to share things you want to share at any time!!” Tei Park is an A1 hooman bean and one of Tunnel’s rolling artists. You can check out more of her work here, and find out more about our rolling artists/becoming a rolling artist here.

Pareidolia: Eric Strikes Again

ERIC SPEAKS: “Look, as though you’re only yourself. Here are some drawings for you. I want you to do your part, become susceptible, and become vulnerable to your own emotions. Whatever you feel, you feel. Whatever something reminds you of, accept that and embrace that. For instance, if you see a man and woman and the first thing that comes to your head is your lover, take that and enjoy that feeling. If the black and white of a drawing reminds you of a old romance flick, indulge in that association and whatever mood comes with it. Your brain is a work of so many experiences and dynamic and art is a way to tickle that nerve. Enjoy that tickle! This will just make viewing art more significant, enjoyable and beautiful.” “There’s another wing to art now, one that touches your heart or tickles your brain; It lets you grow a connection. Of course, when I drew these, there were certain moods or feelings I tried to convey. (Of which are very dear to me …


  RAIN by Alice Xu The sun burns cold in October & the cloth curved between my thighs catches rain. Beneath my palm: Rosalie’s cross. Bible once beneath. My body, spread out on sapped autumn oak. The cusp of middle-aged rust, rusting like last year’s sycamore leaves. I dream of Louis rubbing his neck & churchyards emptying their stomachs as the sun waits for a funeral.     ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alice Xu is a high school senior who adores Jane Austen and her novels. She currently serves as a Co-Editor in Chief for her high school’s literary magazine, a Genre Editor for Polyphony H.S., and an Editorial Intern for The Blueshift Journal. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Textploit, Phosphene Literary Journal, The Riveter Review, and elsewhere. Photographs by Hana Tyszka Illustration by Eric Anaya

Jaundice, A Jaunt, Jaune: John

ABOUT JOHN:  “I’m a 20 old year art student from Colombia. I live in Bogota and my favorite color is yellow. Every time my grandma stares at my face, she says I’m yellow and my name tells it too. John, as people know me, is Jaune in french , and in spite of not having a relation with french stuff , Jaune means:  John and Yellow at the same time, so I use it as my nickname . Artworks themselves are already too revealing for also having your real name into exposure.” John Celis, 2015. Mixed media. JOHN SPEAKS*: “My work is just composed of drawings, because even though sometimes I use paint , I just keep in mind that I should be drawing. Aside from other things, like showing skills or concepts, I want my work to be honest about who I am and with how I think , and for me drawing is the media where I can achieve that . This is because drawing is immediate, there’s no time for any lies in …