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MOLT open mic

Tunnel hosted its second open mic event at SPACE Art Center, to hold space for one another’s experiences and explore the “molting” nature of transitions. Somi Speaks: This is the third and most likely the last open mic event I’ve helped organize for high school students. Thank you forever to SPACE for hosting the open mic, providing an outlet for young voices, soliciting free pizza for the event (!!!), funding the printing of the zine, and everything else that you do for the arts community. Thank you forever to every person who stood up and shared their work and let us take a peek into your personal space. It was such a special night for me and I always feel so privileged to bear secondhand witness to your experiences and words. Also, a brief apology for my nervous energy leading up to the event: I’m working on being a more relaxed host. The Zine The Crowd

Color Blocks

Explanation for Diarist Series: I’m pretty sure the only person reading this is Kira Gabriel, but I’m joining this diarist series!! I decided to do it because it can be really easy for me to forget to make art/create stuff, even though it’s something that I super enjoy doing. So, hopefully this’ll keep me motivated and force me to create. Anyway, for my first diary entry, I stuck with art that I’m used to- little collages from scraps of paper, cut-outs from magazines, things I find, etc- basically what’s already in my art diary at home. I focused on color in this set because it’s pretty cool how much it changes our perception of an image (also it’s just fun to play with). But, during this series, I’m hoping to branch out and do other types of art (like photography, painting/drawing). So keep ya eyes out for some cool new stuff!

RED – technique & connotation

Marion Wood mixes the technical and the abstract in her series of collages, centered around the color RED. She talks ART CENTER, TECHNIQUES, and mixing SCIENCE with ART. Read on!   MARION (the Contrarian) SPEAKS: So you gave me about 12 pieces. Are they part of a series? Yeah, I made them a while ago in art class. I did a class at Art Center College of Design, and we started off the class, and we had to choose one color that we wanted to incorporate in each piece. So we had 5 days and we were supposed to make 3 pieces of art a day. So I chose red, that was my color, so all of them used red. And also, each one was supposed to incorporate a different technique. So we used packaging, and we used cloth, and, like, used, I don’t know… there was one where you had to rip paper, and tear it, or whatever.  So each different piece uses a different technique. Cool. So it was a summer program? Yeah. Did you choose red for …


Tei Park maps the human body in a mixture of mediums, including thread, magazine cutouts, muslin fabric, and gauche. TEI ON HER WORK: No idea where this sudden urge to draw body structures came from, I don’t do Grey’s Anatomy or Bones or House or TLC’s Untold Stories of the ER, no interest in surgeries and absolutely can’t handle blood, but these organs are simply the most fascinating things I can think at the moment. Can you believe all these things inside you are working and moving all the time?!?!?!? I drew a few that I liked, and might expand this into something big, but right now my images don’t really come close to what envisioned because they’re just parts and they’re so flat. Like maps!

You Asked Me What Was the Hardest to Say

By Rowyn Cotter, 19, attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Looking to transfer elsewhere at the end of the year and I am extremely passionate about feminism and writing. You Asked Me What Was the Hardest to Say Words by Rowyn Cotter, collage by Somi Jun. Transcript: