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radio silenced

Photographs by Hana Tyszka Poem by Amelia Anthony first day of school  stomach pit (bottomless) shriveled ball of tin-foil feelers. be my lover, ave maria gorgeous. a pipe dream swan song boneslime. toothpick rhetoric crunch feet on roads ontrailsonpaths on ring-fingersnap poems. i have not really missed anyone. long bells i cried today. radio silenced. laced hair slice. quickie-licked cowlick.

the self-portrait

Words and Paintings by Amelia Anthony I never really painted until around May when I did a portrait of my friend Addy for school. I ended up making another portrait of my friend Harper and one of myself in the same week because I enjoyed it so much. It was easier for me to paint myself, probably because I know my own face well and also because it was so soothing. I didn’t have real deadlines or expectations to my newfound self-portraiture; for the first time in a while creating visual art was relaxing! Previously I had only been a writer—only written about myself instead of painting pictures of myself. Currently, painting is a ritual. I blend the same skin tones and trace the same features soft-listening to music and bask in brushstrokes. Self-love is a very strange thing in media right now; it is trendy to appreciate your image and share that appreciation with other people. However, self-love is something I am unsure anyone has mastered. Self-portraiture has definitely helped me work through self-love; not just …

A Complete Eric Anaya

Artwork by Eric Anaya Profile by Amelia Anthony I recently witnessed Eric weave straightfaced through a busy Saturday night in Little Tokyo, holding up a fresh pastel drawing of an alien (see below). People reacted as they always do: some laughed, smiled a bit cautiously, gave him a blank stare, veered away. He was unfazed and continued his way to The Smell, flashing his sketchbook to passerby. It was a fascinating not-quite-social experiment, and a most quintessential Eric Anaya move. He can be characterized by a single earring, a possibly-sly grin, and seemingly boundless charm. Despite an endearing ego, Eric is never be boring to be around; he is rarely in a bad mood and is always bleeding ideas. He calls himself a “progressive,” not in the political sense, but in the way he’s always on the go, antsy, hyperactive. A recent epiphany left him with a careful grasp on the universe and a knowledge of exactly what he wants to do with the rest of his life: make music and kiss cute girls. Eric …