Tunnel Magazine is currently on hiatus, and is no longer open to submissions. Thank you for your interest, and check back later!

If you have submitted your work recently, and haven’t heard back, it is due to the hiatus! Again, thanks for your interest. We will revisit your work once we pick back up again.


  1. Ellie says

    Hey! So I submitted a few things and never got a reply.. I was wondering how long you guys usually take to respond? Not being accusatory or anything XD love you guys, just wondering.


    • Somi Jun says

      Hi Ellie! I am SO SORRY, I totally remember your application now and I will respond asap. So sorry! Our staff is pretty small (although we’re in the process of recruiting, wink wink), and we get pretty backlogged sometimes! Thanks for being so patient b :’)

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  3. Margo Marie says

    Hey, I submitted some poetry a few weeks ago, and just wanted to make sure you actually got the email! No problem if you did and it’s just taken this long to review it, I’d just like to make sure it actually went through since I never got a reaponse. 🙂 I’d still love to be a regularly featured poet.


    • Amelia Antony says

      hey Margo, sorry about the delay and we just sent you a reply! we have had a bunch of submissions recently (which is AWESOME!) and are trying to catch up.


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  5. Hi Tunnel!
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I sent a few poems to your email on September 24th, and was requested to send a few more that day, which I did. I didn’t get a response after that so I decided to re-send them on October 8th. I’m sure you’re bombarded with submissions at all times and I totally understand that you can’t reply immediately to my submission, but I was just wondering how long it usually takes to respond. Let me know if you are able to consider my poems! Thanks so much for this opportunity, and have a wonderful day 🙂



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