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CLARE: an exposure

RENE SPEAKS: “I’ve been making music for about two years. I’ve always wondered if you make better work when you’re feeling stronger emotions. I’ve always wondered that. You know, stuff I’ve made mid anxiety attack, stuff I’ve made on real depressed days, and stuff I’ve made on days when I’m completely fine and I’ve kind of learned that your creativity as an individual is above that.

Sarah Hunter’s Tits & Other Bits

Sarah Hunter, 20-year-old illustrator based in Brighton, UK is an incredible example of a woman who is all about body appreciation. Her series ‘Tits & Other Bits’ exemplifies the notion that not all women have the “perfect” bodies. Sarah describes her work as simple, yet effective. Her illustrations humorously take on real life situations and personal experiences, basing a lot of it on the fact that “you cannot take life at face value as it can get very depressing, so why not spice it up a bit.” Hunter is currently working on a cartoon series of the times things “didn’t quite go according to plan”. “I try to produce work I would enjoy or find funny, I am that person who laughs (to myself) when I do a funny drawing…” When Hunter creates her illustrations she tends to start with simple drawings, then scanning to manipulate them on Photoshop. Of her materials, Sarah says “even though I enjoy using paint, I prefer my illustrations to be clean cut which is quite hard to do with that particular medium.”   Although, …


ALEX SPEAKS: “I take photos because I want people to know how I see certain things/places/people through my eyes. I’ve always found the different ways people see/perceive things in life really interesting. I always try to create a painting when I take photos, like those old renaissance paintings with a million different things happening but everything is shown in detail and you can stare at it for hours and find new things in the photo every time you look at it. And sometimes the opposite, there’s only one thing going on in the photo but somehow you can’t stop looking at it. That’s how I see things in life sometimes, i just sometimes want to stare at things for long periods of time just taking in every detail. I guess that’s why I take photos, ‘why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer’.” “I’d consider myself an artist. No denying it. I create. It’s what I do and what I’ve always liked to do since I was a kid. If anybody creates anything or …

Salmon: fish out of water

Salmon is the freak-folk musical project of Sanam Tiffany. Salmon’s debut full-length album, Way Yonder Far, is a hauntingly beautiful and deeply personal exploration of all the anxieties and pleasures of growing up. Included is an interview with Salmon + a few reflections from Tunnel about the album.