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To Make Windows

Words and Photo by A.A. Reinecke The word “yard sale” draws, to most, an image of dust bottomed glassware; to the soft of mind it conjures prospect of silverware to reveal, with lye and metal wool, the initials of a president’s cousin or another man of once-removed significance. To John Brady, the worth of whose brain had been estimated—by a small, but by all means reputable newspaper—at the sum of four million and seventy five thousand dollars, it meant a particularly green afternoon in Poughkeepsie, New York. Karen’s was a good house with a wide lawn, a brick exterior and a tennis court made of imported clay. She had a folding table open on the cement of the front walk up; over her face sat the effect of hastened dissipation. “Brady,” she said, when he approached the lawn, “The million dollar brain.” Brady stopped at the table. His nephew stood at Karen’s legs with his six year old palms tight to her jean-clad calves. “Hey Bumby.” Bumby clung tighter. “Say hi, Bumby.” “Where’s Dad?” said Bumby. …

longings of a listless mind

   The thoughts had mulling over a cup of coffee, alone in the morning, or maybe staring out a train window. Poet Claire August shares her own moments, thoughts and words strung together in a seemingly cosmic benevolence. Here are three of her poems. poems by Claire August images and other words by Brandon Yung      Listless      What is there to      do on a Morning      so long awaited      where there is no-      thing in particular that      anticipates & dreams      move slowly like a      heavy novel. I             write poems: art of      the listless. I open      my mouth, breathe      yellow plums.             In The Future      How does anyone      find the            time these days              for optimism.      The future is for      the profound, the      past beautifully      barren.   …

my toes say i’ll get into college

ABOUT THE ARTIST: A.A. Reinecke is Tunnel’s newest diarist. She is a writer and poet from Westchester, NY. Her work has most recently appeared in the Claremont Review, and Pulchritude Press. She resides in Northern California where she writes every morning at 5 AM, opposite a print of “View of the World from 9th Avenue” and often beside a glass of Thai iced coffee. In adulthood she plans to write books and live in the woods. Photo from Perah Ralin

How to Save The Smell

written by Nathaniel Stephens This past couple of weeks have been quite the upset for the punk community of the Los Angeles area. Jim Smith, owner of DTLA venue The Smell, released a notice stating that the property owners were planning to demolish the building sometime in the future. The response was huge, everyone in the scene reached out and gave their remorse. A petition manifested encouraging the stay of the building; already, over 8,000 signatures have been received. I have fond memories of this place and the scene there. My heart goes out to Jim and everyone affected. The Smell was established in 1998. The all-ages drug free environment is dedicated to artistic expression, creative ingenuity and individual liberty. It has become a safe haven for those who just couldn’t seem to find a niche in today’s society, who faced rejection after rejection until they decided to settle at The Smell, making it for most a home away from home.   The Smell prides itself on being a community-oriented, not-for-profit organization, built on the foundation of D.I.Y. …

Baby’s first forensic: Hana Tyszka

A lot of these pictures are of friends i’ve made within the past year, and as hard as it’s been to pull me out of the hole I dug for myself, they have all managed to do just that. Included in this set are a few pictures of the York Minster and a newspaper job I covered (baby’s first forensic experience) please enjoy and message me if you have questions about cameras or life or on ur math homework :^)

Fruits of life: ode to 2015

Words and photographs by Nathaniel Stephens – The year of 2015 (although not over) was quite the experience for me. Filled with times of maturing, meeting new people, loving, punk shows, birthday parties, lit weekends, photo-shoots, op houses, big bear, dating, family, school friends, stress, bands, insecurities, gateway drugs, & too many cigarettes. 2015 taught me to embrace myself, so I wrote an ode for it. – An Ode to 2015 Days have never been spent in such pleasure. I never fathomed such type of leisure. For I never knew what the fruits of life could offer. To be young, lively & curious? What else could life possibly proffer? –   Nathaniel Stephens is part of Tunnel’s list of artists in residency. To follow Tunnel’s integral theme of development + change over time, we regularly feature this list of artists, so we can see how they develop/change over time. See more of Nathaniel’s work on Tunnel here.