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I Belong to the Blank Generation: 11 Films About Punk

Punk is really more of a catch-all genre term than a unified sound; everything from Black Flag to The Clash to Television falls under the umbrella, but you’re unlikely to confuse any of those radically different bands for each other. If anything, punk is defined by an attitude more than any specific sound: it’s defiant, primal, and wholly cathartic. These are 11 of the best films about punk that embody that ethos of liberation through rock n’ roll. Jubilee (1978, Derek Jarman) Derek Jarman was an iconoclast in everything he did; never one to make a conventional film, his work stretches from Blue – a solid blue screen with him providing voiceover for 90 minutes – to The Last of England – an impressionistic vision of the apocalypse with poetic narration in place of a plot or dialogue. Jubilee is decidedly less extreme than those two films, but it’s still far from box-office-friendly. It’s hardly heavy on narrative, and what plot there is is pretty bleak; the story follows Queen Elizabeth I as she time …

November 8: Election Day

Words by Somi Jun, Hanna Hall, Amelia Anthony, & Alexandra Reinecke Somi Jun: When I was in first grade, I thought history was over. I was a child in 2003 and had burned through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first book I really read to myself. I was decades removed from the destructive power of politics that had defined the 20th century. Those events called the World Wars and the Great Depression and the Cold War and even 9/11 had no place in my conscious memory. The Iraq War started, but I had no idea where Iraq was on a map. The midnight arguments between my parents sprung from the results of the Great Recession, but I had no way to make that connection for myself. I remember seeing gas prices rise. I remember my mother pulling me aside to tell me that her in-laws, my father’s side of the family, were money-hungry snakes. I remember making jokes with other children about George W. Bush, but not recognizing his face on magazine covers. I knew to …

Letter To/From The Editor

A sweet old photo from the Tunnel Brunch that I took. Some scenarios: Somi and I spent a lot of time together in my room one night in mid-May planning the Textile event. We had been really excited about this “soundtrack” idea that included a mixture of songs and dictating poems or stories out loud. She picked a short story about teeth. It was a perfect choice—the balance between guttural and gorgeous that is Tunnel. Dentaphilia turned out to be 20 minutes long when read out loud; Somi sat beside me while I read and read until I was talking in the gummy way that happens when you run out of saliva. The day of the event we decided that listening to a soundtrack of our own voices is really uncomfortable and ended up not using any of the recordings. The first time I met Somi, as in recognized her from Facebook and introduced myself, she was wearing wide-leg overalls! Olivia Nouriani was wearing the pair of pineapple pants two days ago and four different people, in …

MOLT open mic

Tunnel hosted its second open mic event at SPACE Art Center, to hold space for one another’s experiences and explore the “molting” nature of transitions. Somi Speaks: This is the third and most likely the last open mic event I’ve helped organize for high school students. Thank you forever to SPACE for hosting the open mic, providing an outlet for young voices, soliciting free pizza for the event (!!!), funding the printing of the zine, and everything else that you do for the arts community. Thank you forever to every person who stood up and shared their work and let us take a peek into your personal space. It was such a special night for me and I always feel so privileged to bear secondhand witness to your experiences and words. Also, a brief apology for my nervous energy leading up to the event: I’m working on being a more relaxed host. The Zine The Crowd