Author: Joey Shapiro

I Belong to the Blank Generation: 11 Films About Punk

Punk is really more of a catch-all genre term than a unified sound; everything from Black Flag to The Clash to Television falls under the umbrella, but you’re unlikely to confuse any of those radically different bands for each other. If anything, punk is defined by an attitude more than any specific sound: it’s defiant, primal, and wholly cathartic. These are 11 of the best films about punk that embody that ethos of liberation through rock n’ roll. Jubilee (1978, Derek Jarman) Derek Jarman was an iconoclast in everything he did; never one to make a conventional film, his work stretches from Blue – a solid blue screen with him providing voiceover for 90 minutes – to The Last of England – an impressionistic vision of the apocalypse with poetic narration in place of a plot or dialogue. Jubilee is decidedly less extreme than those two films, but it’s still far from box-office-friendly. It’s hardly heavy on narrative, and what plot there is is pretty bleak; the story follows Queen Elizabeth I as she time …

Top 5 Times I’ve Been Hit In The Face At Concerts

These are the definitive five greatest times I’ve been hit in the face at shows – if you read any article this year about a small college student getting his ass kicked over and over again, please make it this one. #5: Elbowed in the nose Artist: All Your Sisters Venue: Non Plus Ultra I’m at a show with Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu headlining. The third act of the night, a very rad post-punk/goth rock band called All Your Sisters is playing; I’m two beers in and very much in my element, just buzzed enough to get more confident than I have any right to be. I worm my way into the tiny mosh pit that has formed close to the front, but the second I enter a boy is launched at me like a cannonball from the opposite side of the pit. His elbow swings upwards into my nose and knocks me right back out of the mosh pit. I am reminded of my own mortality. #4: Shouldered in the chin Artist: Perfect Pussy …

Salmon: fish out of water

Salmon is the freak-folk musical project of Sanam Tiffany. Salmon’s debut full-length album, Way Yonder Far, is a hauntingly beautiful and deeply personal exploration of all the anxieties and pleasures of growing up. Included is an interview with Salmon + a few reflections from Tunnel about the album.