Past Staff

Tunnel Magazine is currently on hiatus. See the past staff members below.


Amelia “Wheels” Anthony writes a lot of lists and lives in fear of all the New Yorkers she still has to catch up on. She currently lives in South Pasadena, California and is a senior in high school. Next year, she will be attending Brown University.



Somi Jun is always losing hair. She started Tunnel and is now letting it breathe under the excellent stewardship of Wheels & Co. Somi is a student at Princeton University and too frequently writes things for the Internet. She received her first rejection from the Atlantic in 2017.

managing editors



Angel Fabre, otherwise known as head of the Alligator people.

Alexandra A. Reinecke is a writer and journalist who uses writing as a tool to encourage empathy and affect positive change. 


Brandon James Yung is a senior at South Pasadena High School. He compensates for the lack of a father figure in his life with a passion for art, and brie cheeses.

Jio enjoys piano, empty fields, traditions, and giving advice! Movies and variations of popcorn make her happy. She also has a huge sweet tooth (you can’t see it in this photo).

Staff (Photographers, Correspondents, Etc.)


Film/Contributing Correspondent: Joey Shapiro is a fun and flirty film student at Oberlin College, located in the center of cornfield hell (Northeast Ohio).He likes long walks through the dining hall, crying in the fetal position, and watching the first three Spy Kids movies back-to-back. If Joey had to choose one word to describe himself, it would probably be ogre-ific.

Social Media Manager: Joseph Felkers is a pushcart nominated poet who’s work has been recognized by or featured in Princeton University, deomP magazinE, Juked, SOFTBLOW, and Rust + Moth, among others. He reads for Adroit, and lives in West Michigan–for now.