Welcome to Tunnel Magazine. We publish art + writing + music + misc from young and fresh people, specifically high schoolers, but really, anyone else, too. Tunnel was started in the summer of 2014, by a rising high school junior. Since then, this intimate experiment and project has grown into a staff of around eight young creatives, most attending school full-time while tending to this baby duck publication. We are based in Los Angeles, so a lot of our art comes from the area around us. But while our pool of featured contributors began with just our immediate friends, it soon grew to the full California coastline, hotspots throughout the United States, and abroad: as of now, Tunnel has featured students from over 25 different schools in 10 different countries.

An idea:
A magazine reserved for young art. “Young” because young people are important, but we are also very much small and confused, and that’s really okay, and we don’t need to overthink/overanalyze/romanticize it. So this is a simple place, for things to change, develop, and be young + fresh in peace.

Our system
We usually feature two artists a week, on Mondays and Thursdays (frequency fluctuates depending on how many submissions we receive). We accept and recruit submissions, in everything from film to flash fiction to original music. You’ll notice there’s also a Misc. section, for anything that doesn’t fit into our existing categories. We will love you if you are Misc!
To follow with the theme of development + change over time, we check back in with past contributors to see their new work, so we can see how they develop/change over time.
Seasonally, we host events, like open mics or artmaking workshops. We also print zines… featuring some of our favorite stuff from the season.

All artwork and text belongs to the artist and may not be reproduced, publicized, or sold without the explicit permission of the artist. To get in contact with an artist, email tunnelmagazine@gmail.com.

Submit your art to tunnelmagazine@gmail.com, and follow these guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lC0ctHFYLaExac4eDcey8VgGrDv7wEzm74u08hy8z84/edit?usp=sharing

Apply to be a staff member here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CKX8eISfJ0hei85RvHTQRTqKSh3Wn5gQ_MLydqGY5Fo/edit

Bye and see you soon,
Tunnel Staff


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