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Open by Pablo Gaeta

Pablo Gaeta released his debut album Open yesterday, a long-awaited public reveal of the talent his compatriots had only gotten tastes of previous. I knew of Pablo’s talent from when he’d fool around on the piano at my house no one plays, or of his easygoing nature when we tried to start a band two years ago and he was the only one with real talent, or finally seeing him perform live two weekends ago with his new band DiPT. But Open is 23 whole tracks of polished, yet experimental, proof of Pablo’s complete mastery of music.

“This album is just a cute lil ending to my time in high school. I love making so many different types of music, so I decided to block the tracks by genre starting with relaxed piano and gradually rising to wild. My brother, Lachlan Campbell, played a huge part in helping find the sound we were looking for and ranging his singing from chill and melancholy to full on raging screams. I rly hope ppl enjoy it n feel some typa way when they hear these el songs. Lach is 6’3 and single.”

Pablo Gaeta is 18 and a senior at South Pasadena High School. He will attend UC Santa Cruz in the fall to study computer science. He plays in the band DiPT, who will be featured on Tunnel very soon!

Featured photo by Thomas Forman, who you will also see more of on Tunnel in the future. Album cover art by Mira Pusateri.


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