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Untitled: Mixed Media from Henry Barbera

written by Jio Park

artwork and commentary from Henry Barbera


As many in his hometown would agree to be true, Henry Barbera is quite well-known for his photography. Though it is common and tempting to limit ourselves within the safety of what we are known to do well, the 17-year-old’s latest explorations into digital art and mixed media reflect his eager desire to stray from the status quo. His approach is firm, yet also modest, as the works beg to express another dimension of his personality, little known even to an audience of close family and friends. As a result, his creations offer to connect with the viewer on multiple planes, serving as an invitation to contemplate oneself in the presence of his own revelations. The pieces are unfamiliar, yet comfortable; experimental, yet practiced. They are raw and undisguised; a refreshing representation of the excitement and passion that stems from new beginnings.

Read his artist’s statement below:

“Since I was very young I’ve always known I was a creator, beginning with my doodles in elementary school. As I’ve matured, I’ve explored other mediums and become increasingly invested in my photography. This style of work combines my love for both drawing and digital media and I feel that I’ve truly found myself. Many of these pieces are self-reflective and creating them has been somewhat enlightening. My hope is that any viewer can find some part of themselves within my works but also learn something about me.”



IMG_0633IMG_1230IMG_0701 (1)

Henry Barbera is a student at South Pasadena High School. He is a photographer for the school yearbook and a digital artist/photographer independently. Many of his works, including those pictured above, can be found on his Instagram: @henribox.


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