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Howl #Lo-Fi

Words and Music from Ashton Carless

Howl is my second album. It serves as a record of the past four months of my life: in terms of my emotional states, musical influences, and ever present existential terror. It is a personal project, a sort of journal that is validated by me sharing this music. All of the terror, sadness, anger, and strange beauty that has befallen me these past four months has created this album. My feelings are validated by its inception. Listening to it would mean the world to me and someone else finding comfort in my music would make me even happier.

Howl was recorded on my iPhone. On some tracks I would simply sing and play guitar or piano in one take, others tracks I spliced together on garageband. I would hope that this take to recording my material would make it feel more personal, because these songs are personal. This album, like a knife, cut open my stomach and spilled my guts.

Because these songs are so personal, I was and still am, terrified to release this music. I do not know If I censored myself to little, if what I wrote about is too sad for anyone to enjoy. At the same time, I do not know If I censored myself too much, and what I have produced is not as emotionally potent as I would have liked. That, I guess, is for you to decide.

Thanks again for listening, it really does mean the world to me.

Ashton Carless is a frequent Tunnel contributor. He is 18 and attends South Pasadena High School. View his other work on Tunnel here. 

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  1. Dr. Baljit Singh says

    It is a nice story. When we feel something we written is bothering us, it is a true guidance to us and by deleting it, we get relief. We can also get a good editor. The movie which we watch sitting in the family is a great movie. Even one undue scene can spoil the entire movie.



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