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Watch Salmon’s New “Little Electric Lamb” Video

Review by Joey Shapiro

Sanam Tiffany’s deeply intimate music as Salmon lies somewhere between the swirling, echo-chamber psych-folk of Linda Perhacs and the haunting sparseness of Cocorosie. Their songs, at once lo-fi and densely populated by instruments ranging from banjo to singing saws, sound like a siren song heard faintly from deep within a dense forest: mysterious and ethereal, never quite within reach.

The new music video to their song “Little Electric Lamb,” first released on 2016’s Way Yonder Far, is animated in pastel-drenched 8-bit by Ellie Tremayne and vividly brings to life the quiet romanticism and sense of discovery that underlies the song. As Tiffany’s echoey falsetto dips and glides with their banjo, Tremayne guides us along on a daydreamy roadtrip across land, sea, and air, watching the pixelated scenery pass us by through a car window. Trees in the desert swoon back and forth, flowers bob in the wind, and the lights in tenement windows blink on and off as we are taken on a pastoral cross-country journey that looks like it’s lifted from the most beautiful NES game never made.

The song, about realizing one’s self-worth in the wake of a new and healthy love, perfectly matches the idyllic sights of Tremayne’s animation as beautiful landscapes blur into one another, transporting us to distant lands. We eventually arrive in a snowy pine forest set against a distant mountain range: the most perfectly fitting backdrop of all for Salmon’s otherworldly, joyful music.


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