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Super Lunch’s The Respiratory Olympics: Cigarettes vs. Cereal

Review by Alex Muñoz

Super Lunch is an indie/punk band from Los Angeles, California featuring Evan Lytle (guitar), Kieran Black (bass), Owen Migel (guitar), and Aiden Gilbert (drums). Their sound produces nostalgic feelings of your favorite Built to Spill record, if it was caught smoking cigarettes in the boys’ bathroom at school and always stayed out late. In a good way of course. In 2016 they released a 7 song self titled EP via Penniback Records that were some of the first songs they wrote as a band. Now, in 2017, they return with a full length record. It includes several new songs, and old songs from the EP, but with added flavor and twists. Here is The Respiratory Olympics: Cigarettes vs. Cereal.

“No Future” a single they released on the Internet last year, kicks off the album. It sure does that. The origin of this track comes from one No Future Cafe in Pasadena, California. The story goes: Super Lunch was scheduled to play a gig at The No Future Cafe with other bands. The show was advertised by the venue as being cool and hip, complete with free coffee (See? Cool and hip) During their set, however, the kids wanted to dance and mosh and the venue owners weren’t having it. Long story short, the show got shut down by the venue and Super Lunch was banned for life from The No Future Cafe. To show their appreciation for their warm welcome from the venue, they wrote a song about it.

Next track on the album is “This Plan Is A Bust.” What I like about Lytle’s songwriting is that I never really know what he’s singing about, in the best way possible. It always shrouds the song in poetic mystery and makes us use our imagination. To me, the song is an expression of punch-drunk paranoia, surreal imagery, and misfortune. My favorite lyrics in the song are: “Tarantulas, they flood the halls. The Kama Sutra, in bathroom stalls. I’m giving up going too slow. This plan is a bust, this ship will never float.”

Cap’n Crunch.” This song expresses frustration and exhaustion with young love and wanting an escape. This is a song that vibes super smooth, so make sure to add this to your super smooth vibes playlist.

Next Song on this album isAdult Dissection.” I could see this becoming a college party anthem or radio hit. (KROQ, wya??) The title fits the song perfectly. According to the lyrics, it sounds like a perfect description of the process and feelings of a youthful teenager becoming an adult, but still wanting to have fun and be free. Young adults everywhere, unite!

It All Mattersbrings out Super Lunch’s soft side, bringing back those old memories of middle school crushes and high school romance. Happy Valentine’s day.

Uhh…..up next is “Cowboy….this track is not for the faint of heart.

“Is There Beer Or Is That A Myth?” The question of the millennium. Yet another easy radio hit (seriously KROQ, you’re sleeping on this). A good song to vibe to and sing along to while driving alone on the 134 West towards Glendale. It’s the In N’ Out drive thru at 12am anthem. The walking home after a really good day anthem (I know you’ve all been there). The theme song to that day you kind of feel like everything is right with your world.

Even though Super Lunch notoriously hates playing it, “Vibe On This” is still a good song. A fan favorite, it’s very nostalgic to the times of early Penniback: Rafa’s Lounge, Ryden’s House, The Lyric Hyperion, and countless shows at The Smell. OG homies will know.

“Virtue Is Putrid” is a perfect example of Super Lunch’s ability to pull an original and super catchy song out of thin air. Clocking in at 1 minute and 24 seconds, it’s the shortest song on the album, but remain angular, catchy, and effective.

Named after the popular 90’s TV show and a surgical procedure/skate trick, “Seinfeld Sex Change” is another fan favorite off their EP making a return for their full length album. A high energy crowd pleaser whenever played live.

“Colour Blind” continues the theme of teenagers transitioning into adulthood, finding themselves, surreal imagery, and interactions between humans. A solid song to jam out to.

Sometimes you just gotta tell ‘em to take their pants off. An old classic with new added intensity,Ivan Migel,” makes a return better than ever. An energetic song that borrows from nursery rhymes we all heard at summer camp, but with a punk twist. Mega Banger.

The one-two-switcharoo! The tables have turned on the track “Nothing To Say,” now Migel is on drums and Gilbert is on guitar! It all comes together to punch you in the face.

“Broken Teeth” was the first song the boys wrote as a band. A solid skate punk tune for Glendale kids and all kids alike. GCA, hawmie, you know how it goes.

Dang,As I Sleep” is yet another great radio tune (KROQ<sleeping emoji). It could very well be Super Lunch’s mission statement. Evan’s twangy licks, and Aiden’s witty lyrics. A super sweet emo flavored rock song.

Okay, I was wrong. This is their mission statement. “Super Lunch” by Super Lunch. Need I explain further?

Now, the musical equivalency of a giant middle finger to all the haters, to all the crooked politicians, to all the sketch venue owners, and to the people that ruin all the fun.Eat A Dick,” the banger that closes out the album…with a bang!

The Respiratory Olympics: Cigarettes vs. Cereal is a great first full length record by Super Lunch that is definitely worth checking out.  I have known these talented boys going on three years now and I have had the pleasure to witness them grow and learn as musicians.  I am excited to see where they go from here. The album is now available online via Penniback Records on Spotify, Itunes, etc. The CD will be available at their album release show with local bands Fringe, Vaguess, Kuromi, and Rose Dorn at Rare House in DTLA on November 25th. This has been a Detailed Caffeinated Analysis by Alex Munoz.

Alex Muñoz is 19 years old and lives in Los Angeles.  



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