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My Living Room is an Art Gallery!

Photographs and commentary by Jio Park

From the age of 0 to perhaps a couple of years ago, my artistic exploration during this exciting weekend has been limited to the spacey yet cozy walls of building 600, floor 3. More specifically, in the room that houses this very couch, drawing with my sisters as we secretly select our favorite tunes to play on the record player for the wandering art enthusiasts in the next room.

The Brewery Art Walk at the Brewery Artist Lofts happens twice a year, in Spring and Fall. Over the course of a Saturday and Sunday, the artists living in the lofts open up their studios for viewing, attracting friends, relatives, and local Arts District hipsters (not to mention lots of mediocre food served by expensive food trucks).


My family’s studio displayed a collection of photographs by Myungshin Song & NAKI. This was my personal favorite exhibition, especially because our family doesn’t usually show photography. I’ve learned from past experiences helping out at the studio that the placement of pieces in a show is a process that can take hours. When placing an entire collection of works, regardless of the medium, the entire room as a whole and the mood that is created becomes a part of the art itself, emphasizing the message of the artist.


This weekend was the first time I ventured out to the other lofts, whose owners had traditions of their own.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when I realized that not every gallery would showcase the quality artwork I expected. But the experience was not ruined! What I found most interesting was how each neighbor displayed not only their artwork, but also the beauty and uniqueness of their homes. Being a living complex, each building within the brewery contains lofts that are identical to each other architecturally; for example, the lofts in the building across from mine all have one large room with an open staircase to a smaller one. The lofts, though similar in foundation, have grown to be drastically different and intriguing living spaces.

IMG_3681IMG_3757 (1).jpgDSC_0308

Of course, it pleased me to find evidence of fellow children of artists and their own contributions to the event.


There were never-ending collections of strange objects that left me pondering whether or not they were on display for entertainment, or simply grown too normal for the owners to recognize the confusement they would evoke in a stranger’s eyes.


Exploring the houses of these artists, especially as a fellow inhabitant of the Brewery, was much more interesting than any of the art I saw that day. I find I have a greater appreciation for the artworks created naturally as artists and their families lead their distinctively different lives.

IMG_3742 (1)

My sisters would agree when I say that being behind the scenes of an art opening is an exclusive and thrilling experience, a feeling that we don’t grow out of when we can safely make the journey to areas past the 3rd floor of the 600 buildings.



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