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eye candy: CLARE

“It’s almost uncomfortable to listen to with such an intensity going on.”

Two weeks ago, September 13th, marked the one year anniversary of Rene Aguilar-Weber’s second full length album, Clare. To accompany Clare’s themes of love, frustration, and reflection, Rene Aguilar-Weber and I created experimental music videos to remixed and extended versions of Clare tracks.

Words from Rene Aguilar-Weber:

“With the thoughts of always ‘what is possible?’ I wanted to see how good of music I could make. I wanted to see what would happen if I gave my all. I had always dreamed of making something so satisfying and, in all honesty, I absolutely did. Listening to Clare makes me so happy and a bit surprised because I feel  we all forget what we are really capable of. Clare isn’t really about telling stories but more just about a thought process. As if you see me just laying down and spacing out, Clare is just what is going on in my head. It’s a just a strive to feel understood. I’ve never felt understood. So to put that into music was my way of communicating. That misunderstanding is a huge part of the frustration behind the inception of it. It’s more of an attempt to share my point of understanding of the things around me. Even if it’s not the wild life events to inspire many things, it’s more of just Rene’s emotional amplification of the world around me.”


directed by Rene Aguilar-Weber


directed by Angel Fabre

Keep up with Rene Aguilar-Weber via twitter, facebook, instagram.


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