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serge: Eye Candy

All Artwork and Words from Serge Serum

Serge Serum is a self-taught artist based out of Los Angeles who’s predominantly works in the medium of paint and photographs. He will be having a solo show at Contemporary Gallery September 15 titled, “To Take Comfort.” The show will introduce us to a whole new body of work that represents his struggle of finding comfort in his life as an artist.

In Serum’s paintings, he depicts a search for the human form and portraiture derived from abstraction. He invites the viewer to follow his process as he captures energy through chaotic brushstrokes, depicting his anxieties and exhilaration of his subconscious through visceral images on the canvas.

Serum’s photography creates and captures scenes with other artists working within his scene. His process includes playing dress up with his subjects. Similar to his paintings, Serum’s photos create a personal narrative to emotionally connect with viewers.

How long have you been making art for ?
It is hard to say exactly when.. I started doing it excessively about 3-4 years ago and it I began getting very serious with it about 1-2 years ago.

How long have you been taking photos? Painting?
I started getting into photography 2 years ago after buying a DSLR to take better quality photos of my paintings but it turned into this whole other thing. I started a photo series called, “Polished” that focuses on documenting the drag queen/club kid scene which introduced me to using film because I wanted to capture the 80’s New York Club Kid feel to it. I have multiple photo series, its kind of hard to maintain sometimes.
What are you currently working on?

Currently working on getting stuff ready for my first LA solo show September 15th. Once that is over, I will be starting a new series of work where I’ll be combining photography and painting to be make it more cohesive. Aside from that, I am always working on the “Polished” photo series where I will be releasing a new zine for that sometime soon.

Who are your artistic influences / favorite artists?
it is very hard to say, i don’t really know WHO influences me….Kanye?… . I’ll narrow my favorite artist by just saying some contemporary living painters, I really enjoy Adrian Ghenie, Antony Micalef, David Choe and Wyatt Mills.

What do you call your genre/style?

I’m not sure.
Where do you see yourself in the future?
I have no idea where my future is heading, it’s full of uncertainty and I am so scared lol. I see my 30s -40s living alone in a small apartment with my cat and having like 15 hour painting days everyday and never going outside. I don’t see myself ever living with a partner or getting married or having roommates…I would be very happy with this life.

More of Serge’s work can be seen at
Attend his show on September 15 at Contemporary Gallery!

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