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A sentimental look at things, friends, and time

Paintings by Anya Pertel
Commentary by Brandon Yung

Second-semester senior year of high school, and after it’s said and done, she’ll be leaving for the east coast. Anya Pertel has been looking carefully, at her friends, at her city, experiencing “many intense conflicting feelings,” which have found their way into her recent paintings.

Her pieces are honest and sentimental, much the medium of oil paint is, both in their process and subject material.

Anya’s described the backstory to her piece, “hold me while I have an existential crisis.” 

“My friend Rayna, the blonde one in the painting, got a little too drunk. I was sitting on the floor of emmas kitchen with her and we were holding hands and talking about how much we love each other then she started hysterically crying about love and friendship and solipsism. she was sobbing. she had snot all over her face but her friend Carly just held her and it was so beautiful.”


DSC_0849DSC_0916 (1)




Anya Pertel is currently a senior at Santa Monica High School. She will be attending Yale University this Fall and intends to major in art. Anya spent this past summer doing Rhode Island School of Design’s pre-college program, where she was a painting major.


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