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Joshua Boulos: Mid-Pacific Blues

Artwork and Music by Joshua Boulos

Joshua Boulos is seventeen and attends the Mid-Pacific Institute. “I’m from Honolulu, HI. It’s a super compassionate place with a very different culture from the rest of the U.S.. Most of the people here are closely knit and we really try to work together as a family. It’s a culture that I realized really isn’t anywhere else. When I went to CSSSA over the summer, I gained a whole new perspective on how I perceived other people and places. In the work I make, a lot of it is kind of based on the culture and aesthetic here and the sentiment of eventually moving away to a new place for college next fall. I also base a lot of my work on memories from childhood and living in a very Asian-Hawaiian culture. I kind of embraced that when I realized how quick things seem to pass by. My mom and stepdad are both musicians and my dad is an animator, so growing up my parents had a really huge artistic influence on me. In a way, it’s like I’m following my father’s footsteps in a way because I want to be an animator too. He’s the reason I’ve grown to love animation in the first place. I primarily work in animation, video art, illustration, and music. ”  Check in later for more work from Joshua.


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