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my invisible camera

by Brandon Yung



There is something about a drawing, much more so than a piece of writing, or especially a photograph, that will tell you a lot about who made it. A drawing has to compete with a photograph (a losing battle much of the time), and will never have the speed or capturing ability of a sensor. Unlike the photograph, a drawing describes a longer moment, not just a singular point in time. And as far as we can tell, a drawing is the closest you can get to stepping into someone’s shoes, like Atticus said (and Obama reminded us).

So here are a few moments in time, that maybe add up to say something about myself. These drawings are from journals, pads, and homework, done in trains, old rooms, and classrooms.



dsc_0512dsc_0524dsc_0508dsc_0513636194026286822852_afterlight_editdsc_0516636194007848520710_afterlight_editdsc_8351636194012116206525_afterlight_edit636194034569599811_afterlight_edit636194020594562988_afterlight_edit636194028563290638_afterlight_edit636194013693508430_afterlight_edit636194014907995208_afterlight_editIn this last one, I became very frustrated trying to capture water. The camera wins.dsc_0518


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