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Harvesting: Open Mic

Tunnel’s third open mic was hosted in the Foley backyard. It was a celebration of the “harvest”: reaping what was sown, and the gratefulness that follows. Snippets featured below are each from readers at the event. Click the title to see the full piece.

AMELIA SPEAKS: Thank you for bearing through the cold, thank you for listening to me stall, thank you for staying later to spread positivity and good vibes. Thank you for opening a part of yourself up to us through the power of written and spoken word. I love vulnerability, both within myself and others. There is something so beautiful about being raw.

Carl, Sherlock, and Part Two: trifecta by Nate Rudman

They put you up in such perfect imperfection, each time you’re mentioned you’re another funny valentine
They paint you up so easily, it’s her on the walls and him in the clouds
But when I knew you, you were never like that

from “Part Two”

Stephen Colbert’s Agent: by Pablo Gaeta

Crawl so you don’t fall like daddydoll falled
he hit a brick wall,
then he falled,
he hit a brick wall

A Modified Dream Sequence: by Isabel Barbera

They went to Target to look for wallets.
But wallet shopping requires a present mind,
and their collective intellect was muggy after a long hard day
of not existing.
At one point they considered buying Dayquil,
but clarity was just not worth eight bucks.

from “Cheese and loose change”

July 20, 2016: a frustrated cry for help: by Angel Fabre

how can you simply measure your emotions on a scale of 1-10? numbers can’t even begin to speak for me. a 10 is the best and today i am the best. but somewhere in between there’s an undertone of a 6. what does 6 mean?

Understanding Oppression on the Journey to Self-Awarenessby Maddie Lizzul

My family history of racism and colonization therefore contradict; the French blood on my maternal grandfather’s side contradicts with that of the Native American blood on my maternal grandmother’s side. The French and the implanted “Americans” strangled the culture and freedoms out of the Native Americans the moment they stepped on the soil, and the Native American “Indians” have still hardly regained either of these.


Hosted by Amelia Anthony, Harvesting took place on November 18th, 2016 from 6-8 pm. Over 15 different readers shared pieces, some original, some a favorite or a friend’s.
Photos by Brandon Yung


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