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replacement faces: Benni, revisited.

All Animation and Words by Benni Quintero

that lighting in the beginning………………… totally on purpose like when the light turns on??????? It means that I have been found!!!
This was for my most recent assignment in my animation workshop class. We were to so some replacement animation, so I did some replacement faces and little hints of other kinds of replacement animation throughout.
I took audio from a little video i found of me in the second grade on the bus for a fieldtrip. When I took footage of the view outside the window.
I distinctly remember actually being slightly terrified and sinking into an actual mini delusion that we were lost and that we’d never be found within this ocean greenness. I had weird thoughts of never being found and forgotten a lot how wild.


Hey a thing for Alexander. My old buddy. My animation workshop teacher hey. This week he wanted us to experiment with liquid-ee materials. I chose to work with the stop motion favorite, lube. I also threw in threads and needles and puddy and hands and whatever.
We picked prompts out of a hat, and I got the words Grid, Transition, and Sharp to work with.
The word sharp and grid took my brain to a gross arrangement of needles that make my topopopopopopopopopopopophobic (I don’t want to look how to spell it because I always get gross pictures) brain shutter.
But the needles made me think of my dermatillomania. I won’t get into detail about the lengths I go to to pick at my skin gee oh gee this film probably explains it.

For this little baby we had to take a piece of architecture and make an animated piece based off it or featuring it using a technique in which you kind of manually build over image after image on the same sheet of paper. Like I painted a thing, took a picture, and painted over that thing and took a picture, and it looks like it moves. #animation
I made mine about my favorite little building. It’s a bookstore in Inglewood that is on an old and strange little street and feels very out of place, quiet, and secret. When I first went there, the bookstore owner welcomed me and my sister, and offered us some bananas sitting in a cardboard box on a stool.
I will never regret having taken this stranger’s banana…………………….. 😉
Shout out to my brother Lolo for giving the little lion creatures their magical voices.
No the white creatures are not kissing.

This is for our hand drawn assignment. We were to draw up some movement based off of a little private dance performance given in class, which by the way, WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER. I focused most on how the dancer’s bodies framed each other and how from above the table I was sitting at the amount of motion I could see was limited. So, sometimes I could only see a disjointed hand peeking from the edge of the table. I wanted to replicate the feeling I got of “I wonder what’s going on down there,”
By the end of working on this film I was getting over the shortest fever I’d ever had. So it also became reflective of that.

This was for a class with a fella named OH MYRON OH MYRON. I think he wanted us to work with the concept of symbiosis. I made this muppet dude and made my brother send me weird sounds. I smashed them all together and made this satisfying mess

I made this for the CalArts Student Newspaper. I told them not to put my name on it. It sounds like I’m trying to be Banksy but really I just want to be Fern from Arthur. Call me Agatha Shelly.
My friend came to visit me in Watts, and we found this little pinata dude on the side of the street and we were really excited about it. We called it Trash Baby/Trashster, and they’ve become a member of the family.
A couple weeks later my friend came to visit me again. We walked down the same street, and there was a lot more cool looking trash all over the floor. There were earrings and little statues and all this wild stuff.
I was really happy until I remembered my dad told me that like 2 days before, the street vendors had set up their little posts there like they did every weekend. That time however, the cops came and chased everyone away.
I guess they didn’t have time to pack up their stuff.
There’s a no street vendors sign on that street now.
The trash there makes me sad now.
Trash Baby was found before this.
So she has happier tidings.


Benni Quintero’s work on Tunnel is part of our experimentation with Growth Over Time. Read more about our work with artists over time here, and see more of Benni here and here!
Highschool was dumb and I’m glad I never have to go back. College is still stressful sometimes but it is the absolute most chill stress I’ve ever had. I’m makin cool stuff and having a good time and meeting the greatest babes and I’m OFF HOOOOOOOME!!! TA MEXICOOOOOO.”

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