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Senior Year Sorrows

All Artwork and Captions by Benni Quintero

RedHead Girl: This cute chickadeee used to sit across the room from me in art class. My sketchbook was filled with drawings of her. I never quite captured her in a way that satisfies my impression of her in my head. Her artwork was wild though. 

Mouster King: I made this fella the summer in before senior year. My cat killed a mouse. I gave it a proper home in the afterlife as a king.

Cruisin’: This one was I believe my final piece for AP studio. It’s honestly unfinished. It’s a copy of an image of me, my brother, and my dad in a disneyland photo-stop car thingy. I just put us in a different environment. I looked really determined and angry in the original picture, so I figured I was on a mission or something. So I made my mission to be running over some ugly dude. It’s ok though, nobody really liked him anyway.

Mother Sin and her Ducks of Anarchy: This is Sin. I’ve given her the title of mom, and I am her son, amongst her many ducklings. I did this for my concentration as well. Her hair at the time reminded me of a bird, and I always pictured her just being so completely done with everything that she just took off and flew away.
I walked up to her the day I came up with the concept. It was one of the first times I initiated conversation with her. I knew how i wanted it to be composed, but I felt she needed to be leading something? So I asked her the vague question “What follows you?”
She decided little hardcore punk ducks. So that’s what I gave her.
I had her draw on the designs on her clothes because they are her clothes. She’s one of my favorite moms.

Ooze’s oozings: I drew this drawing of one of the absolute bestest people in the world, Ooze, during the dreadful dead middle of the year. They went by a different name back then. They were putting on makeup. They always have the best makeup. They still have the best makeup.

There wil be fish: It’s about tattoos and fish and the blood in your body feeling like a swarm of bees trying to get out. I beat it purple.

Ballad of Dave and Carl: Dear lord. I was completely uninspired at this point. So I was just like hey. I got those Youtube Lamas stuck in my head. I have an assignment that asks me to focus on a piece of anatomy. Let’s just rub some nipple grease and pubes on a piece of paper because you know what I’m having a bad day. Everyday is a bad day here please just let me leave.

Baby Suffrage: I take this one as an opportunity to reflect and be like “wow it’s only been like half a year and I’ve already grown a lot.”
I feel gross about this one? The assignment was about tackling a big issue like world hunger or gender stuff and mental illness and I was just like “HAH. Everything I want to say has already been said and is going to be said over and over again in class”
So I pretty much decided to make a little PSA telling everyone to stop having babies because their babies will die of old age and all this death can be avoided if you just don’t have babies.
Cryogenic freezers for baby suffrage all day everyday man.
I honestly think I’ve found actual reasons for making things since then though.
Also, those penis vagina dudes were meant to be genderless. I tried to give them the same exact face but it comes across as extremely binaried.

Baby waves dot jay peg: This one feels nice to me. This art room baby is my pride and joy. He wasn’t made for any particular reason and I love little baby waves.
It was a little series of blind contours of a really creepy baby doll we kept in the art room. It was eventually just flung around the room so hardcore that it’s head and limbs were torn off its torso. My drawing may have been the last drawing of him before his ultimate undoing.
This was the era of “GET ME OUT dear god i’ll never make it out I’m going to fail all my classes and I’m never going to leave home I’ll be stuck in my room or in this triangle for 30 years and I’ll never get out I can’t do it please just don’t make me come back another day ”

Benni Quintero is a year older (18) and is currently working towards a BFA1 in the CalArts Experimental Animation Program.  They are a “home grown South Central Los Angeles/Watts blueberry babe.”
Benni’s installations on Tunnel are part of our experimentation with Growth Over Time. Read more about our work with artists over time here, and see more of Benni here (over a year ago!). 

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