Month: October 2016

Senior Year Sorrows

All Artwork and Captions by Benni Quintero RedHead Girl: This cute chickadeee used to sit across the room from me in art class. My sketchbook was filled with drawings of her. I never quite captured her in a way that satisfies my impression of her in my head. Her artwork was wild though.  Mouster King: I made this fella the summer in before senior year. My cat killed a mouse. I gave it a proper home in the afterlife as a king. Cruisin’: This one was I believe my final piece for AP studio. It’s honestly unfinished. It’s a copy of an image of me, my brother, and my dad in a disneyland photo-stop car thingy. I just put us in a different environment. I looked really determined and angry in the original picture, so I figured I was on a mission or something. So I made my mission to be running over some ugly dude. It’s ok though, nobody really liked him anyway. Mother Sin and her Ducks of Anarchy: This is Sin. I’ve given her the title …

Alien Kids

Photographs by Alex Munoz Music from Ohad Gilbert   ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Alex Muñoz is 18 and currently attends PCC. See his other work on Tunnel here. Ohad Gilbert is 14 and makes experimental electronic music. He started working on his first album during English class 8th grade rather than doing work. Check out the rest of his music on his bandcamp here.

Like Ian

Like Ian Words by A.A. Reinecke It is cold like a prison like Antarctica gray and on the folded bit a dribbling of blood the shape of: Minnesota. St. Paul. That’s where he’s from. St. Paul. It is noon now. That was breakfast. The room was a sideboard with bits of fractured glass. The windows spoke in tongues or through lust strained in milk. Q: Do you love me? A: I don’t know. Chai was sweet grain melted like the wetness of my mouth and your tongue tasted still like Ian and his carpet and his gin like a plow for planting prohibition. Q: The flask? A: No. My plastic cup membrane shed quartz like history nabbed from a headband. The 1920s. Q: You eating? Coffee? Anything? A: No. St. Paul. That’s where he’s from. St. Paul. Photo credit: Brandon Yung

‘To Sushi’

Words and Images provided by Rory Turner Rory Turner is an undergraduate student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. His 2nd year building project, “Caravaggio Dreams of Sushi,” proposed a sushi restaurant situated along the Regent’s Canal in Hoxton, East London. An experiment in the mastery of light and shadow within architecture; the project became a research platform to explore the interpretation of light within the context of Japanese cultural and artistic traditions which embrace themes of delicacy and subtlety. Following a two-week research trip to Japan, these more sensitive qualities of light were then compared and contrasted to light’s more expressive, dramatic depiction present within Western Renaissance artwork, such as the striking paintings of Caravaggio. I became fascinated by the idea of harnessing light in order to construct darkness, using the shadow as a space for curiosity and invention. Beginning with representations of illuminated “moments” within the architecture etched in chalk; the design method soon evolved into a scientific process of constructing an architecture through physical light experiments with small “sets” for the dining spaces. …