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CLARE: an exposure

This past Wednesday, upcoming recording artist Rene Aguilar-Weber released his second album. In short, he makes hip-hop/rap music. Head bobbing music that you play in your car and talk about with your friends. But in more specific terms, Rene’s music is far more experimental than just hip-hop. He produces his own work which contains a mixture of samples and electronic instrumentals that sum up his very own compositions.


Rene first put his music out to the world with FELIX, his first full length album released last year. (Available on youtubeitunes, and spotify) This album encompasses a deep presence of emotion driven by heartbreak. It feels almost as if he is telling a story and you’re being pulled along for a 36 minute ride. The same can be felt with his second album, CLARE (Available on youtube, itunes, and spotify) but instead of heartbreak it seems as if the story picks up again with a broader view and forgiveness.


Photo taken by Angel Fabre

RENE SPEAKS: “I’ve been making music for about two years. I’ve always wondered if you make better work when you’re feeling stronger emotions. I’ve always wondered that. You know, stuff I’ve made mid anxiety attack, stuff I’ve made on real depressed days, and stuff I’ve made on days when I’m completely fine and I’ve kind of learned that your creativity as an individual is above that. I mean, we always respect an artist more when we hear they come from some emotional turmoil but it, you know, I think it’s bigger than that if you think how many people have emotional problems versus how many people are great artists. And I guess it’s because we see them as people who feel a lot and feel a lot of things. You know, like ‘wow that’s an artist who feels things we don’t.’

I don’t want to have a style this early on. I want people to look back and go ‘wow that was a great time but that’s over now’, you know? It’s a big fear of mine that I’m going to get caught in repetition….. That I’m going to do the same shit and I dont want to force myself to do something different. That’s the scary part! I want to come off natural. I want to stay as true myself as possible but all I can do is hope that I change. I hope that I grow.

I think we’re all a little ashamed to say who our real influences are. ‘Cause we all want to feel a little more original than we actually are so I think we start to think about who our inspirations are, hoping and wishing that our inspirations represent us- which isn’t necessarily true. You know you think if you are inspired by a good artist then you’ll make good art. No that’s not true at all. You know, we don’t want to be completely devoured by who we are inspired by and just try to imitate them. I think we all have secret inspirations we don’t like to be too open about.”


Photo taken by Angel Fabre

Keep up with Rene Aguilar-Weber.




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