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On the $6 Lauren Bacall Mints I Lost

Poem by A.A. Reinecke

People hated Kennedy at Harvard
(crimson). Do you know why? Do you
know how hard it is to be wrong beside
people, like him, whose failures are

I bought you a pack of mints at LAX
to say something hard. Is it cowardice
if I preface this?

I’m remembering the punch bowl
at the Mormon party and how
when I binge ate Carvel ice cream
ake you left a Himalaya on your plate
where synthetic pink melted into

Do you know I love you? And
the color of your politics? Or that I was trying
to humble myself to our shitty teacher
when I smiled at the story about how her son’s
ose was broken at Georgetown?

Did you notice that in Spanish class the matador
on the wall never was authoritarian
about your using the restroom? Or that a pair
of almond eyes, before being lost in hotel laundry,
intended to will from you a treaty?

Know I miss you. That I’m sorry.
That I
wish sometimes you’d trip up just
o I could witness those errors
which (like JKF) they might someday
name an airport in regard of








Phototography by Amelia Anthony and from USAToday


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