Month: August 2016

radio silenced

Photographs by Hana Tyszka Poem by Amelia Anthony first day of school  stomach pit (bottomless) shriveled ball of tin-foil feelers. be my lover, ave maria gorgeous. a pipe dream swan song boneslime. toothpick rhetoric crunch feet on roads ontrailsonpaths on ring-fingersnap poems. i have not really missed anyone. long bells i cried today. radio silenced. laced hair slice. quickie-licked cowlick.


Featured image: Honey to Touch, by Mol Mir Two weeks ago, Jack Mejia invited the public into their home to recognize and celebrate the work of both LGBTQIA+ and POC artists. This show, dubbed “Liminality,” featured work from primarily teenage artists and served as a safe space for marginalized creatives. I had the chance to correspond with Jack and talk about disorienting + ambiguous identities, their own relationship to the idea of liminality, and ritual. Speaking with Jack Who was behind the show? Who put it together and helped make it happen? It was primarily my project but I had a ridiculous amount of help from my sister, Metzli, who helped develop the idea many months ago, and friends, like Ezra, who created the submission form, Ela, who created the flyers and Quinn, who hammered nails into my walls at 3am. So I Wikipedia’d “liminality” and found a somewhat basic definition: the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not …

vestigial habit

you coax my thumb in bone like vestigial habit is a word for the lie your history book forgot to tell you. like hand over thumb is physical meditation: tan oat tan oat tan oat tan oat, a skipped needle asking: do you? do you remember the first night? me a recruited athlete in the sweatshirt and my legs? and the similar shape of our wants? rome is dead. do you remember the funeral? and that brows exist among the ruins? that you taught me to steal? like beauty is the last soup dumpling in the fridge and you took it. like you made your face sucking on the peppermint stick of a pillar and massachusetts had a vacation in the jarbled blood-laurel and elder of your mouth. do you? do you, do you remember the egg nog? spiked so beautiful? or the shape of starving? how you funded my folly? three drinks a day for a raisinnut blister raised in your name? the clover at your temples? when the sky was a marble slab …