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ALEX SPEAKS: “I take photos because I want people to know how I see certain things/places/people through my eyes. I’ve always found the different ways people see/perceive things in life really interesting. I always try to create a painting when I take photos, like those old renaissance paintings with a million different things happening but everything is shown in detail and you can stare at it for hours and find new things in the photo every time you look at it. And sometimes the opposite, there’s only one thing going on in the photo but somehow you can’t stop looking at it. That’s how I see things in life sometimes, i just sometimes want to stare at things for long periods of time just taking in every detail. I guess that’s why I take photos, ‘why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer’.”

"Tommy's Dress"

“Tommy’s Dress”

“I’d consider myself an artist. No denying it. I create. It’s what I do and what I’ve always liked to do since I was a kid. If anybody creates anything or expresses themselves regularly, they should consider themselves that and be proud of it. Anybody can be an artist and it really is something to embrace and be proud of.”


“Artistically, I look up to the people around me, events in my life, and senses as well. The people in my life really help me want to be creative because they are all really creative people themselves. Seeing them do their thing and be creative gets me really inspired to do my own thing. Also I’ve recently become very fascinated with the association between sound and color/images. Whenever I take photos or paint I like to be listening to music or have a song in my head that sets the mood for it. It’s been really helpful to me recently. For a while, (these past few months up until recently), I was very void of inspiration and lacked the will to do anything creative. Then, I started going deeper into my fascination with the senses association thing I mentioned earlier and it’s been more than helpful.”


Alex Muñoz is 17, plays in the band Palace Wave, and is a recent graduate of Monrovia High School. 

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