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longings of a listless mind

   The thoughts had mulling over a cup of coffee, alone in the morning, or maybe staring out a train window. Poet Claire August shares her own moments, thoughts and words strung together in a seemingly cosmic benevolence. Here are three of her poems.

poems by Claire August
images and other words by Brandon Yung



     What is there to
     do on a Morning
     so long awaited
     where there is no-
     thing in particular that
     anticipates & dreams
     move slowly like a
     heavy novel. I
            write poems: art of
     the listless. I open
     my mouth, breathe
     yellow plums.







  In The Future

     How does anyone
     find the
           time these days
             for optimism.
     The future is for
     the profound, the
     past beautifully
     barren.                My heart
     breaks for the
     nature of children.




A Garden

                                                    In longing

                            she bites her tender mind.

                                                                         Sappho 1

     I am threatened
     only by lack
     thereof so
     I fill the plot
     of land
     with plants between                     DSC_4720
     orchids that have
     yet to bloom in
     deep clay pots.
     Dew catches.
     The apple tree
     was bitten
     by frost. Inside
     the fruit tastes
     like sand: I eat
     it despite, faint  
     taste of soap. I
     practice denial
     like it is religion.

                                          ¹as translated by Anne Carson


    “My poems are like moments of meditation– I tried meditation but felt like there were too many things knocking around in my brain, and so my passion for stream-of-consciousness poetry was born. In this sense, writing is both a way to disengage and engage with the world.”


   Claire August is a writer, artist and high school senior based in Boston, MA. She has also written for ACURE Mag, Inky Writers Magazine, Ology Journal, and her personal blog. One time, she won $5 on a scratch ticket. 












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