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My grandma loves handkerchiefs and she’s always been fond of giving them as gifts, so I’ve grown up with a lot of them around the house. Around her, they were always used in a practical way; they were offered if you had a runny nose or felt a sneeze coming on. But recently she gave me these two and I was struck by how interesting and intricate they are. These two aren’t really anything special, but they’re beautiful in their own ordinary way, which comes out in the drawings. Like these hankies, there are so many pieces of art we miss in the day to day, and it’s only till we put them on paper that we consider them beautiful.

Also, this is sort of a tribute to my grandma and her contradictory tastes of vintage and modern, practical and impractical. It’s weird to see the hankies on a computer screen; they look out of place, but in a good way- like they’ve been placed in a new context.

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  1. Minnie says

    this is beautiful. especially b/c i too carry grandma sarah’s hankies with me everywhere and share your fondness for her practical and impractical wisdoms.



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