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Sticky STOPmotion

Adolescentz: a stop motion poem
by Trinity Williams

What’s the difference between a phase and just simply “being yourself” when the duration of a phase has an equivalence to the length of your average menstrual cycle? I’m myself at least five days a week, once every month. The other days I linger between reality and ghost world.

Day 1:
upset stomach,
tender breast,
and killer cramps.

Day 2:
surrealistic visionary,
a girl’s room is her sanctuary.

Day 3:
two more left, and
good friend, you will be missed.

you are the emblem of
a Sahara sunset,

Day 4:
question one in truth or dare:
“Your first kiss?”
you solemnly sweared.
you shouldn’t tell, you couldn’t tell.
then you answered, head high and well,
“my first kiss was my menstrual cycle.”
a look of disgust and terror filled.
as the rest of the crowd scurried quick,
you reapplied your red lipstick.

Day 5:
It’s day five of being myself and I have about two days left to enjoy me while I still can. Is this paradise?

The mood swings and extreme episodes of sentimentality are a thing of the past, now. My feet aren’t used as much, being that I just float whichever way the wind decides to take me. I’d be lying to myself if I ever said that I’m no longer sensitive and confused…young and dumb… But, every once in awhile I have to stand up to balance life’s afflictions and befriend my greatest adversary; myself.

Trinity Speaks:  I love art and I love to make art. I write poetry in my free time and also make zines. I love fighting for poc rights, speaking for the queer and queer poc community, and equality in general. I love being myself; a spicy, black, queer, crime fighting, butt-kicking, poetry writing activist. I’m also working on a self-written collection of poetry and short stories titled The Adventures of Jane Eyerene. The first story in the collection: Jane Eyerene and the Disco Queen.


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