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The Brief Legacy of Super Lunch


Self-described as a melted fusion of garage rock and post punk, “with a fuck ton of reverb.” A Penniback Records band, Super Lunch unearthed 10 months ago, after meeting at a  friend’s show. The very next day, they made “Broken Teeth,” the 6th song on their recent EP. With Aiden Gilbert on drums, Evan Lytle on lead guitar and Owen Migel on rhythm guitar, they make for a dynamic trio. They interchange vocals and are always engaging with the crowd, keeping them on their toes and in the moment.

Soon after the first day jamming, things seemed to work out for the band. Super Lunch started playing shows for weekends on end, some being sold out back-to-back. With help from Penniback, they used their earnings from shows to record at Pawn Studios.

“The songs just came out one by one,” Aiden said. “It was a really fun and relaxed environment that I think brought the best [out] of us.”

The  EP is a force of energy with groovy melodic overtones, riding over attacking drums and fast-paced rock n roll chord changes. For music geeks, Super Lunch is definitely a band to look out for and for up and coming bands and musicians, you should learn from their success. Their legacy so far may be brief, but it is only a seed budding to become a strong tree. Rock on dudes.

Check out their EP titled the “The Super Lunch EP:”


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