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your casual erotic housewife

“Well I have always been good on my knees…”


James Salazar. An independent girl with a lot of experience with relationships. She has fallen in love and then been torn down with the lies of her partners. A couple of her relationships have been with lovers who have been given the name “sugar daddies.”

What is a sugar daddy?

I’m not talking about the candy that constantly gets stuck in your teeth. I’m talking about older men who shower women with gifts such as money or material things, taking them out on dates and wonderful nights on the town.

Urban dictionary’s definition is: “Like a genie – he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he’ll grant her wishes.”

The general public looks down upon these type of relationships. Apparently, the men are creepy old rich individuals who just want to prey on little girls. And the girls are just plain, old gold diggers. Popular social media praises girls who have sugar daddies and some girls tweet or post on Tumblr about their sugar daddies or how they are looking for one.

The argument of whether the sugar daddy relationship is acceptable is a controversial debate that could go on for days. But on a positive note, James has transferred this real life relationship style and turned it into fun and erotic comics, featuring a housewife and an oblivious rich old man.

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“They represent a relationship I had with a sugar daddy. The comics are how I felt about him and sort of my fantasy of murdering him. He was super sweet, just fat and dopey and I turned the male figure into how I viewed him. Just a rich old fuck surrounded by bags of money. The girl in the comics represent a fantasy of what I wish I could have been, a spoiled bratty housewife and what I wish I could of done. Kill him haha. Of course I chose to draw it out rather than actually do it.

I might make more comics and transform them to another thing maybe collages or animations or even short films if I can pull that off.

I think every situation/sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship is totally different. It works for some girls and doesn’t for others, it just completely depends on what the girls’ motive is. It can be a smart move to get to the top but just requires a very cautious execution on it.”


keep up with James: @sugarcookie666

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