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Mitternacht Walk

There’s a time of day, where reason and rational erodes in the tired mind. When the night sky begins to take on that slight hue of blue light. When the miasma of the unconscious surfaces and lets loose hope and desire. The witching hour.


These are six images I have taken, all during the night. They are the ramblings and thoughts that I have had, in places or things I see everyday. Thoughts, mental mumblings in a state of solitude — during mitternacht, midnight.



when my mother is asleep
and the dog is at bay
through my window
I’ll climb
Into the yellow moth light of the street lamp
I’ll climb

Portraits of people hung on houses
Families eating
Couples fighting
A lone man
Blue light dancing across his lone face

What pleasure!
That I can see into the hearts of the estranged
empty faces passing — constantly
How I can see,
but they can’t I



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