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woman of many faces

“Same person? Different mood?”


Words and art by Tylor Hurd

She’s an 18 year old senior who lives in Watts, California. During her freshman and sophomore year of high school, she attended Ramón C. Cortines of VAPA, where she learned and practiced the basics of painting. Now, she flies solo, no longer attending VAPA and painting after school on her own time. Her paintings include faces that represent different personalities and moods that she feels when doing what she loves.


What/whom started your practice of painting?

I don’t really know what or who started my painting. I’ve been honestly painting as far back as I can remember.

Are you inspired by anyone or anything?

I am inspired by an artist by the name of Bryant Giles, his art is super dope.

Are the faces you create reflections of personalities?

I honestly feel like the blue man contains all of my built up depression and shit. That’s why I’m usually happy because he keeps all that negative shit for me. But most of my art keeps the typical black features, even though I lack them, I am black and I do love our ancestors’ features.

Do you dwell in any other mediums?

Hell yeah! I love taking photos. I’ve taken ceramics, I liked it but it was too hard. Film is something I really want to get into next. Drawing is honestly where it all started for me. You can’t really get a good idea of a painting without a nice sketch first.



A little Black girl who has lived in the ghetto her whole life, never really acted like the typical “ghetto projects baby”, who is too “white to say nigga”, and has to be from Beverly Hills or something because of the way she talks. She’s always overwhelmed with emotions but has never let them stop her from having a good time. She takes pictures everywhere wherever she goes. She smokes, parties, and drinks but has a little hate for all of it. Art is what makes her feel herself.

instagram: @730t



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