Month: April 2016

The Brief Legacy of Super Lunch

Self-described as a melted fusion of garage rock and post punk, “with a fuck ton of reverb.” A Penniback Records band, Super Lunch unearthed 10 months ago, after meeting at a  friend’s show. The very next day, they made “Broken Teeth,” the 6th song on their recent EP. With Aiden Gilbert on drums, Evan Lytle on lead guitar and Owen Migel on rhythm guitar, they make for a dynamic trio. They interchange vocals and are always engaging with the crowd, keeping them on their toes and in the moment. Soon after the first day jamming, things seemed to work out for the band. Super Lunch started playing shows for weekends on end, some being sold out back-to-back. With help from Penniback, they used their earnings from shows to record at Pawn Studios. “The songs just came out one by one,” Aiden said. “It was a really fun and relaxed environment that I think brought the best [out] of us.” The  EP is a force of energy with groovy melodic overtones, riding over attacking drums and fast-paced rock n roll chord …

Jelly Bean Memories

A few weeks ago, I was going through old photos at my grandma’s house. Each drawer I opened seemed to be hiding sheafs of memories, like a flock of paper cranes ready to take flight. Even in the middle of boring suburban New Jersey, I could find fifty years plus worth of history and stories and emotions. It makes me wonder where else old histories might be hiding. What other memories lie forgotten in the drawers of our minds? _________________________________________________________________ home           summer is the taste of watermelons. i grew up in the warm sepia glow of lamplight at night, the vague sound of distant fire trucks that somehow tell me everything is alright. the air conditioning is too cold, the fan’s face rotates its gaze around the room, protecting me, reminding me that i am where i belong. outside, the cicadas join a sound that is already in my head. (i translate every touch from japanese, i try my best). summer means long, hot nights where i lie flopped on …

Mitternacht Walk

There’s a time of day, where reason and rational erodes in the tired mind. When the night sky begins to take on that slight hue of blue light. When the miasma of the unconscious surfaces and lets loose hope and desire. The witching hour.   These are six images I have taken, all during the night. They are the ramblings and thoughts that I have had, in places or things I see everyday. Thoughts, mental mumblings in a state of solitude — during mitternacht, midnight.     when my mother is asleep and the dog is at bay through my window I’ll climb Into the yellow moth light of the street lamp I’ll climb Portraits of people hung on houses Families eating Couples fighting A lone man Blue light dancing across his lone face What pleasure! That I can see into the hearts of the estranged empty faces passing — constantly How I can see, but they can’t I  

How to be a half-Japanese girl in America

the dust on old photographs i have of japan ask me, do you remember? or conversely have you forgotten? because somehow those seem to be two different questions. somewhere in japan a flower is blooming, pink petals reaching out to the morning, half-flower, half-bud. somewhere in america it is night-time and the grass is sighing under silent sprinklers. somewhere in between is a girl waiting to remember, or perhaps, to forget. Explanation for Diarist Series: As one of the first Tunnel diarists, I’ll admit I don’t really know what I’m doing. But, I have at least a hazy idea of what I might attempt to try to maybe do. In this diarist series, I’m going to use different art forms to explore how the geography of our lives affects who we are. I’ve lived in some different places (England, Japan, America) and I want to explore themes of multiculturalism, differing perspectives, the effect of nature on life. What is art, beauty, home, friendship? Our ideas of these things, although they seem like such reasonable, wholesome, turkey-sandwich truths, are …

Salmon: fish out of water

Salmon is the freak-folk musical project of Sanam Tiffany. Salmon’s debut full-length album, Way Yonder Far, is a hauntingly beautiful and deeply personal exploration of all the anxieties and pleasures of growing up. Included is an interview with Salmon + a few reflections from Tunnel about the album.