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AH/LEE/SEE/UH : form

Alicia Marulanda is a 23 year old artist and designer from Montreal, Quebec. She graduated in 2012 in Illustration and Design from Dawson College.

ALICIA SPEAKS: “While more recently I’ve found my niche doing mostly graphic and apparel design, I’ve been an artist my whole life and the process of creating comes very naturally to me. Drawing is something that I’ve always found so much joy in, especially when I was younger and much more shy. It was difficult for me to make friends, express myself, and share what I was feeling, so as I grew up art and design became a way for me to communicate. My characters are liberated and unapologetically themselves. They allow me to personify my emotions and create artwork that people have come to empathize with. I’ve also stripped down my style of art quite a bit over the years and try to say as much as possible with the most simple and sensual lines. I am always trying to find a way back to the ‘bare bones’ of what makes a drawing or design fulfilled, and as I’ve gotten older and become more confident in myself as a woman and designer, I’ve grown to really love what those bare bones are. I hope you do too.
My brand is called EGG&BEAN by the way. You can visit my shop here:


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