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Words and film by Angel Fabre

Your eyes are a continuous shot constantly rolling through the events you may see. But your mind is so closely connected to your eyes, so images and thoughts and sounds flicker between the feature presentations of your everyday routine. Your views are sometimes too disoriented, too bright, too blurry. Sometimes you have to squint at the things that are too small and step back to gaze at the things that are too tall. Nobody may notice that you were there, but you were there. You are not a ghost.


Speaking with Angel:

Why “YOU ARE NOT A GHOST” as the title?

Well, when I go out into the world I sometimes feel transparent and I believe others my age can relate to this as well. I feel that I’m invisible and not really there even when I am with friends and family. When I was in the process of making this short film, I was really stuck in that mindset so the title reflects how I was feeling. I also took the idea of film being my documentation and proof of being wherever “there” happened to be.

How/where did you get your footage?

I made this film during a four week all girls film class I took at the Echo Park Film Center. The prompt was: “I walk like my eyes are cameras.” They supplied me with a camera: I used a Vixia camcorder. When I was beginning to make this film, I actually started off with a bit of trouble. I couldnt decide what I wanted to film or whom was going to be featured. So, one Saturday afternoon I was continuing my lazy routine when I came up with the idea of just going out and shooting anything I see. I walked up to the top of a road in my neighborhood and filmed myself walking up a path that ended for drivers but I could walk through. On my way back home, I found several patches of flowers and filmed those as well because I found them so pretty. Then later that evening, my brother and I were walking our dog and I filmed him being his usual self.

Screenshot 2016-03-14 at 12.48.48 PM

Describe the sound of the film. Could you list the tracks that you used?

I tried to represent the prompt to the fullest of my abilities. When I’m walking to wherever Im going, Im either listening to music and not paying attention to anyone else, or listening to everything else around me. So I added some music that cuts off and in the beginning I put a recording of myself boarding a train because I use public transportation often. The phone call that had my brother Rene talking to our parents was added for fun. There was also a conversation in French that I added in the audio to represent a bit of the diversity in Los Angeles. There was also another conversation of a couple of young Black men talking to each other and then later participating in a shoot out. I connected to this and used the audio because I previously have lived in a neighborhood where shoot outs were a recurring event.

The songs I used were:

  • The soundtrack behind an episode of The Adventures of Little Black Sambo (a racist cartoon made in the 30s. terrible cartoon but the music was very cute and I liked it)
  • An excerpt of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”(the young Black men talking)
  • An excerpt of “Guinnesses” a song by MF DOOM (my favorite MC) and Angelika

What role did Rene play in the film?

I knew that I wanted a person in my film but I didnt want to focus too much on a specific person or personality. The last film I made: DEATH IS 4 LOVERZ was directly about me so I wanted this one to be more anonymous, I used shots of him but I tried to darken his face a bit when it lingered outside of the rectangle in the middle of the screen.

Screenshot 2016-03-14 at 12.47.30 PM


About Angel: My name is Angel Fabre, I’m 17 and I’ve recently moved into online high school. I used to go to Ramon C. Cortines of VAPA. I stay at home a lot.




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