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Pareidolia: Eric Strikes Again

ERIC SPEAKS: “Look, as though you’re only yourself. Here are some drawings for you. I want you to do your part, become susceptible, and become vulnerable to your own emotions. Whatever you feel, you feel. Whatever something reminds you of, accept that and embrace that. For instance, if you see a man and woman and the first thing that comes to your head is your lover, take that and enjoy that feeling. If the black and white of a drawing reminds you of a old romance flick, indulge in that association and whatever mood comes with it. Your brain is a work of so many experiences and dynamic and art is a way to tickle that nerve. Enjoy that tickle!
This will just make viewing art more significant, enjoyable and beautiful.”

“There’s another wing to art now, one that touches your heart or tickles your brain; It lets you grow a connection.
Of course, when I drew these, there were certain moods or feelings I tried to convey. (Of which are very dear to me (Oh, what fuzzy, disastrous, rosy feelings that make me giddy.))
But I want you to look through your own life glasses and see something that is true to you. So just a feeling or mood can be similarly, uniquely dear to thee.”

“Seek to interpret, now open up your eyes and let me speak to you through my craft.”



Eric Anaya (softeric) is 17 and attends Monrovia High School.  His favorite mediums are illustration, photography, and video. He wants to convey a feeling inside of you. View more from Eric here


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