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Frame the mundane: Eric Anaya

ERIC SPEAKS“I didn’t seeing photos in a serious light until I was in High School. The thing I love the most about photos is the simplicity to making a beautiful image. An absolutely lovely photo can be taken as quick as a second, capturing the entire scene, a feeling, an energy, or even an aesthetic. It could be anything too! A boy picking his nose on his father’s shoulders, a haggard man’s shadow pursuing a bank’s granite wall. Even a freckled woman eating a bowl of chow mein. Honestly.  If you can frame the mundane to look interesting or eye-taking, that’s something that should really be appreciated.”

“I’ve always enjoyed illustrating, before it was just a lot of doodles and sheet paper drawings. I used to go into things with a plan. I knew what I wanted to draw and was upset when it didn’t come out how I liked to. It was only until just a couple of days ago, when me and a couple of friends settled in Berkeley for some days. It was there that I began to draw with feeling getting reaaaalllyyy into it. Working off of what I just made, if a certain line or shadow came out differently than I planned, I would work off of that. See something, work off of that, I don’t know any other way to explain it other than every part feeds off each other? Sort of like a living thing, the way our internals work with each other to function properly. That’s the best way I can put it. I love my work.”

“Moonbathers is a series of videos I wanted to make that didn’t have much conflict or struggle. They were just videos of things I wanted to see come to life. Delivery Boy is an idea i got when I had my earbuds in on my way to school. A helmet-wearing tom-boy making nightly deliveries to suburban homes. The role of the loose-pants skater “boy” had to be played by Angela Chetto. It had to be. I knew her from school, but we never actually talked much. She was up to do the video though too, and she was very patient with the cars that kept driving the streets.”

Eric Anaya
 is 17 and attends Monrovia High School. 


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